Customize Events and Drive Engagement with Virtual Photo Booths

In today’s business world, many things that once required in-person connections are now handled virtually, and events are no different. Sustainable events often involve connecting via computer and online platforms rather than traveling to a large event space.

One concern with online events is the lack of engagement that can occur when participants are not in the same room together. Virtual event planners need to use engagement tools to keep their attendees connected while they interact with the online event platform. Virtual photo booths are one of many tools that can help encourage connection and engagement in online and hybrid events.

What Is a Virtual Photo Booth?

In in-person events, photo booths give attendees the chance to capture fun photos to commemorate the event. In a virtual event, a photo booth provides a different opportunity. Instead of allowing attendees to remember their experience, it gives them a chance to create a fun photo to use during the event so people can associate a name with a face. The photo booth is within the virtual event platform, making it a convenient way to create a custom image to use as the event unfolds. Attendees and presenters can create images directly within the event platform, while presenters and organizers can create photo challenges and use the photos for their own marketing needs.

A virtual photo booth allows event attendees to create custom pictures of themselves that are branded for the event. The booth has custom backgrounds, frames, filters, and stickers to help. They can use these photos within the event itself, or they can share them on social media. Because the photos are fun, they encourage engagement and can also improve retention through the event. Integrating a virtual photo booth onto your virtual event platform could be the key to making your virtual event one that people want to attend and come away with positive memories of their time.

How Virtual Photo Booths Drive Engagement

Adding a virtual photo booth to your virtual or hybrid event can help drive engagement if you do it properly. Simply having the booth available is not sufficient. You must encourage attendees to use it, but when they do, you can transform it into an engagement tool.

One way to do so is to request that everyone at the event have a custom headshot they use at the event. Using the photo booth with its backgrounds and captions, you can encourage your attendees to create their custom image and upload it to their profiles to show in the groups and sessions they attend.

Another option is to create photo challenges and contests. Attendees will be more engaged and willing to use the photo booth if they have the motivation to do so, and photo challenges provide that motivation.

One of the challenges to consider is a social media posting challenge. This challenge gets more eyes on your event and ensures that you are using your photo booth as a marketing opportunity. Encourage participants to use hashtags to showcase the event while posting their images to their favorite social media platforms.

A virtual photo booth can be very beneficial to increase engagement and connection for hybrid events, in particular. Your in-person attendees can take photos using your app or online platform, and your virtual attendees can do the same. As a hybrid event solution, a photo booth can help connect both types of attendees and reach across platforms to make the event even more successful and build connections and networking opportunities.

Finally, a virtual photo booth increases engagement because it is fun. People get excited about making their own avatars and photos from the event, and the fun of the photo booth will help create excitement and positive feelings about the event as a whole.

Tips for Setting up a Virtual Photo Booth for Success

Virtual photo booths work best when they are part of a complete package of event tech integrations. The full suite of virtual event products from 6Connex, which work well together, are a great way to integrate your photo booth with the rest of the tech for your event in a seamless manner. When launching a virtual photo booth, you will want to plan carefully to ensure that you get enough traction to draw people to the service.

First, start by announcing the photo booth with the announcements of your event and its virtual venue. In these announcements, add some of the reasons why a virtual photo booth is a fun part of your event. Generate excitement even from these early announcements.

Next, create some sample images from your internal team using the photo booth software. Post these to your social media pages and announcements about the event. This will get eyes on the photo booth images and make people interested in capturing their own pictures. These posts also give you the chance to talk about some of the contests you will host during the event.

When the event comes, make sure the booth is easy to spot on the primary virtual event platform. Having it on the home page or prominent with the navigation bar will help people find it and take their own pictures. When people take photos, event organizers can pull them into the conversation to encourage others to take them too.

Learn More About Virtual Photo Booths and Other Event Technology with 6Connex Today

Virtual photo booths are one of the many engagement tools available from 6Connex. By investing in the right engagement tools for your next event, you will be able to create an event that people will continue talking about, even after you’ve closed. The team at 6Connex will make it happen. Request a virtual event platform demo today, and learn more about our virtual event solutions that make it easy and effective to host a successful event.


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