Introducing Brand New 6Connex Virtual Environment Templates and Free Zoom Backgrounds

The industry is changing - and so are we. With the virtual event industry reaching greater heights with each event, it was time for a revamp! If you’re a 6Connex partner, you’re familiar with the dozens of different environments we offer in our virtual event platform. You spoke, and we listened. We’ve created 30 new templates, focused not only on improving the quality of our templates with better lighting, textures, and architectural design, but also making your PSD files cleaner and easier to work with!


New Virtual Environment Templates

The 6Connex team comprises architects, CG artists, and graphic designers, who all work together to create beautiful and practical virtual events with versatile backdrops and templates. Our new virtual environment releases include:

    • Four new auditoriums. Our main focus was to create bigger stages for you. We’ve also included an exterior auditorium.
    • Five new booths. We’ve added different shapes and textures to the booths. The new booth options are all exterior, and are able to hold more screens. Almost pavilion-style, the new virtual booth features come with a very modern look.
    • Three new exhibit halls. You provided feedback, and we listened. We’ve added two aerial view exhibit halls that can accommodate up to 12 booths each. With a light and neutral texture, the new exhibit halls can be easily paired with other room templates while still providing the illusion that you’re located in the same virtual building.
    • A “work from home” setup. It’s like you’re at work, but you’re at home! We’ve created the perfect office with a beautiful view.


You Spoke, We Listened: Outdoor Spaces and Home Offices are in

Some of the rooms may look familiar to you if you’re a current 6Connex partner. This is because we’ve identified our clients’ favorite environments in our virtual event software, yet we’ve recreated them to make them feel lighter and bigger, with a more polished texture. Our team works together, day in and day out, to improve the user experience and quality of our virtual conference platform. We review data and metrics weekly to decipher how our clients are using our templates, how many times they’re being used throughout the events hosted on our platform, and how we can improve them not only from what we see, but also from our clients’ requests and feedback. While we’ve switched up some of the designs, we’ve kept the same features you all have proven to enjoy from our old templates.


New Zoom Virtual Backgrounds with Flair

With new virtual environments comes new Zoom backgrounds! Everyone loves a good virtual background for Zoom meetings. Now you can make any video conference as fun or professional as you want with our new collection of free Zoom background images and videos that match our new 6Connex virtual environments. You’ll love how easy it is to impress your coworkers and friends with our new gorgeous Zoom backgrounds that feature light and airy office spaces, the inside of a mission control center, and locations even all the way into outer space. All you have to do is save the Zoom background image to your computer and upload it to your account.


digital wallpapaers download CTA


How to Change Your Zoom Background

    • Download the Zoom Desktop client on your Mac or Windows computer.
    • Open the app and log into your Zoom account.
    • Click the gear icon in the top right-hand corner to navigate to Settings.
    • In the left menu, click Background & Filters.
    • Click the + icon to upload the 6Connex Zoom background image.
    • Make sure the image is chosen, and your virtual background is all set.

We hope you enjoy our new environment templates and free Zoom backgrounds. Tweet us! Share a snapshot of your event or Zoom meeting with us on Twitter: @6Connex. We’d love to see the images you select. We’re already working on our next design release. Our 3D team continues to work on new virtual environment templates every day, so be on the lookout for even greater backgrounds, features, and images coming soon.


About 6Connex Virtual Event Solutions - Our Digital Experience

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