Keep Employees Up to Date with Virtual Town Halls and Virtual Benefit Fairs

Engage Your Employees with Corporate Communications Online Events 

Keep employees up to date and informed with your business strategy and critical company updates with virtual town halls, online meetings, and virtual benefit fairs. See more below to learn how you can leverage a virtual environment for your organization.


Leadership Updates and Town Halls

Use a virtual event platform to host a global town hall address, where regional or division employees can both receive company updates and participate in Q&A with execs.

    • Share executive communications, business goals, and priorities.
    • Provide quarterly updates and customer success.
    • Include company announcements, critical communication, and organizational changes.
virtual event in a webinar theater on an ipad or tablet


New Hire Onboarding

Provide a consistent and engaging onboarding experience for geographically dispersed new hires within a virtual environment.

    • Clearly communicate your company culture.
    • Foster a sense of community on day one.
    • Allow employees to hit the ground running.

Virtual Benefits Fairs

Virtual benefits fair specifically focused on employee benefits thrive in a virtual platform. This makes the annual open enrollment process a much greater challenge.

    • Roll out a new Employee Assistance Programs.
    • Include virtual booths and invite outside firms to speak directly to employees.
    • Utilize live support via scheduled HR "office hours."
virtual roadshow on a laptop


Corporate Communication Features on the 6Connex Virtual Event Platform 

    • Live and on-demand video
    • Keynote Auditorium
    • Breakout Sessions
    • Resource Center
    • True Mobile Experience
    • Download Collateral
    • 1:1 and Group Chat
    • Real-Time Reporting
    • Survey/Feedback
    • Secure Access/Entitlement
    • & More!


For more information on how you can leverage the 6Connex virtual event platform for your virtual town halls, virtual benefits fairs, and more, contact us today for a demo!

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