6 Ways to Make Your Next Event More Engaging with Interactive Content

When it comes to event planning, you have to figure out so many unique details.

Everything from the guest list to the venue has to be perfect, lest your event fizzle out before guests even start arriving. 

While those details are crucial, what about the entertainment? These days, it's not enough to just bring people together in a conference hall with food and booze. If you want to boost engagement, you need to host interactive activities that will inspire guests to have fun while getting outside their comfort zone. 

Interactive content is vital for all event types, including those in a virtual environment. So, to help you maximize your event's success, we've compiled a list of the top engagement ideas. We'll also break down whether these activities work best for a virtual event, a live event, or a hybrid event solution. Here's what you need to know. 


Why Do You Need Interactive Content for Your Event? 

Gone are the days of cocktail hours, appetizers, and long, boring speeches. Modern event trends are going bigger and bolder, so you have to keep up with demand. Here are some top reasons why interactive content is vital for your next get-together: 

    • Easier Promotion. If you're hosting a public event, you want to be able to market it as much as possible. By providing interactive entertainment, you can increase your RSVP count substantially, which can translate to higher ticket sales (if applicable). 
    • Better Guest Retention. If you don't have interactive content, guests will likely leave as soon as they're able, which is usually after the main course. By engaging with guests, they're more likely to stay through the entire event. 
    • Build More Buzz. The more interactive and engaging your event, the more likely that attendees will talk about it afterward. If you're trying to repeat the same success in the future, you want your event to be as memorable as possible. 


Top 6 Interactive Content Ideas for Your Next Event

Game Show

When it comes to virtual event planning, coming up with interactive entertainment can be pretty challenging. Fortunately, a game show is an easy way to incorporate fun and excitement on a digital platform. You also have a couple of unique options, such as: 

    • Family Feud
    • Jeopardy
    • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 
    • Name That Tune

Overall, one of the best game shows for most events is Family Feud, because it allows guests to parcel out into teams and encourages communication and cooperation. This way, you can make sure that different groups and cliques will mingle throughout the event. 

Pro Tip: When hosting engaging virtual meetings, be sure to establish ground rules regarding the mute button so that guests don't talk over each other when answering. Usually, it's best to name a person to answer and have only them provide a response.  

Best For: Virtual, Hybrid, and Live Events


Casino Night

Even if your attendees are not avid gamblers, casino parties allow them to cut loose without the risk of losing their shirts. Best of all, you can utilize the casino element for other purposes, such as fundraising. A casino also creates a classy, timeless atmosphere, making it ideal for high-end, black-tie events.

Although a casino night works best for in-person events, there are virtual event companies that offer digitized tables. You can also create a hybrid experience by having a mix of live and virtual games for different attendees. 

Best For: Hybrid and Live Events


Trivia Game

Technically, hosting a trivia night is different than hosting a game show. Trivia is much more flexible, as you can segment guests into teams or have everyone participate individually. Also, you can use old-school methods (e.g., pens and paper) or utilize high-tech tools that integrate with smartphones and mobile devices. 

The other advantage of a trivia game is that you can customize the questions to fit your group. This option works well for conferences and trade shows since it allows you to test attendees' knowledge of different subjects. Also, if you're looking for virtual event ideas, trivia translates well for most online platforms. 

Best For: Virtual, Hybrid, and Live Events


Interactive Prize Booths

If you're planning a trade show, you need to have a wide array of vendor booths. However, to make the event more interactive, you can host games within some of the booths to keep guests engaged. Some examples of prize-based games include: 

    • Mini Golf
    • Darts
    • Cash Cube
    • Trivia
    • Arcade Games
    • Ring Toss
    • Beverage Pong

As with casino nights, you can utilize a virtual trade show platform to make some of these games digital. This way, you can still use your trade show booth ideas while keeping your event online.  

Best For: Virtual and Live Events


Scavenger Hunt

Modern scavenger hunts can be much more fun and exciting than the game you used to play as a kid. Some ways to make this idea more engaging can include: 

    • Themed Hunts - Center the items around a particular holiday or item collection. 
    • Participation Quests - Instead of scavenging physical items, guests can ask other people to perform a specific task (e.g., hop on one foot). 
    • Abstract Concepts - You can get creative with your scavenger hunt list and force participants to think outside the box. 

Best of all, scavenger hunts can work well for both in-person and online events. Some hybrid event softwares enables you to blend both options seamlessly so that all attendees can participate, whether they're in the same location or not. 

Best For: Virtual, Hybrid, and Live Events


Interactive Survey

Hosting a survey is a good idea no matter what kind of event you're hosting. Surveys allow you to gauge the mood and engagement from your audience, helping you improve your event planning for next time. Some survey questions to ask your event attendees can include: 

    • Which activity was your favorite? 
    • How can we make our interactive content more engaging? 
    • Would you come back for the same type of event in the future? 

To make your surveys more interactive, you can include prizes and giveaways. Some virtual event platforms have a lottery system that chooses a respondent at random. This way, everyone is encouraged to participate and provide insightful answers. 

Best For: Virtual, Hybrid, and Live Events


Make Your Next Event a Hit With 6Connex

The ideas for engaging and interactive content are virtually limitless. Interactive content can elevate your event experience so your guests will be buzzing about the party for weeks afterward! Ready to get started? All you have to do is schedule a live demo to learn about what 6Connex can do for you. 


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