How to Make Your Virtual Trade Show Booth Stand Out

With so many virtual experiences becoming the norm, a virtual venue is almost expected at this point within the trade show space. Virtual venue software can help to create personalized experiences that can support virtual booths, appointments, sponsors, exhibitors, and opportunities for networking. 

Although the world is starting to open back up, making sure you’re catering to the masses is key. As an organization or event planner, introducing a hybrid event solution can keep both in-person attendees, as well as those who aren’t quite comfortable with large crowds, connected to your venue. A hybrid events platform is the perfect solution that addresses both needs, but demands a different perspective on event planning.

Creating a trade show booth that successfully thrives within a virtual event platform takes planning and creative strategy to stand out.


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Virtual Event Planning - Consider the Environment

Virtual event planning starts way before the event is even publicized. It’s important to start branding your booth early with a trade show software that can power your events and trade shows.

Your virtual trade show booth must make visitors feel welcomed, along with tools to help them successfully navigate through all of your offerings. It's important to think of this event as an in-person affair, even if it’s not. If it’s a hybrid event, virtual attendees should have just as much attention to detail as the in-person patrons.


How to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out in the Crowd

One of the best things you can do at any trade show is properly branding yourself, whether the event is hosted virtually, physically, or both. Just a click of your logo within the virtual event should begin a personalized and comprehensive experience that makes attendees want to see and know more. The goal is to be visible as many times as you can, and  getting your brand in front of everyone prior to the event is the best way to start.


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Questions to Ask the Virtual Event Host Prior to Live-Day

    • Can I sponsor a space in the event?
    • Is there a front-page banner I can put my logo on?
    • Is there an email list where I can contact attendees prior to the event, or can you add my business logo to your pre-event emails?

This gives attendees an opportunity to see and learn more about your company while providing them access to your special offers or other incentives prior to the event.


Understanding the Virtual Event Platform Features in Detail

Knowing what to expect is key. Understand the virtual event platform intimately to plan and program your next steps. Can the platform support live-streamed meetings? Does the platform offer an appointment scheduler? Knowing and understanding all the features available within the platform will allow you to take full advantage of them in a variety of ways. Learn how you can use this to connect with leads while capitalizing on the resources you have to offer. One of the best ways to do so is by researching the use cases to develop a plan that will drive audience engagement. 


Create a Sophisticated, Personalized, and Engaging Virtual Event Booth

Create a realistic virtual experience to guide the audience through your offerings with live videos, opportunities to chat, engaging content, and more. Attendees are also more likely to focus on your and your brand if you are hosting giveaways and supporting virtual games where they can earn something.


Virtual Trade Show Booth Components

Your booth should have a few components going on, such as hosting different educational sessions at different times in one virtual room or theater, while doing hands-on demonstrations of your products in another. There should also be a Q&A extension, where individuals can get their questions answered immediately by a booth representative without having to wait in line for a response. The overall goal should be establishing yourself as an expert while showing off what you and your team can do. When it comes to virtual events, interactivity, fun, and value are key.


Getting Creative with Your Trade Show Booth

Now is the time to get creative and think about what happens during and after the event. Ask questions when people are listening, and use their answers to your advantage. This will help you craft the right content while providing an opportunity to pivot if you need to. While the audience is used to certain approaches at trade shows they may have attended in the past, now is the chance to do something different. Give the audience a chance to record their own videos in an interactive room on how much they learned or the value you provided. Allowing those to run in real-time attracts additional people into your virtual space.


People Love Using Their Phones - Allow for the Audience to Get Interactive

Take engagement tools into account to help alleviate the noise and focus on providing the best virtual or hybrid trade show experience.

    • Encourage the audience to take pictures and upload them to your booth.
    • Capitalize on the virtual connections by creating a Facebook or Linked-In type networking page.
    • Provide freebies like Zoom backgrounds or digital cue cards.



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