A Webinar Follow Up Strategy That Always Generates Leads

After a webinar, you create e-mail campaigns, keep in touch with prospects, or repurpose the content into other content mediums, among other webinar follow-up best practices. And if you’re like most, you probably post the on-demand link somewhere on your website and watched views trickle in overtime. But what if there was another strategy to generate leads from your webinar LONG after it is over?

Use a Webinar Theater to Generate More Leads

The trick to getting more leads from your webinars is by surfacing the older webinar topics to both new and old prospects, in one place. A webinar theater is a virtual home for ALL your webinar content, both live and on-demand. With a theater, you can drive registrations for new individual webinars, while providing access to a library of existing resources from past webinars.

webinar theater is a virtual home for all your webinar content both live and on-demand

You don’t want to repeat yourself, but hey, that presentation from February may be just what’s needed in October to push a prospect to close. Consider adding a webinar theater for all the webinars you have hosted, and the ones you will host in the future, in one place. 


After a Webinar: Strategy to Qualify Prospects

With a theater, you can let your marketing program cross-pollinate while your prospects self-select the content they need in the theater you set up. This way, you can continue qualifying prospects for webinars done in the past. 

Features available in a webinar theater that can help you qualify prospects at any time:

    • 1:1 room chats
    • Small groups and public chats
    • Social sharing capabilities
    • Surveys, polls, and tests
    • Detailed reporting to create a valuable picture of each prospect over time. 

Adding the above features to your current vault of valuable content takes your lead generation through webinars to a whole ‘nother level.


How Webinar Theaters Help Improve Conversions

Posting your webinars online is a great first step in repurposing your content and getting more value. However, the above-mentioned features from a webinar theater give some added bonuses to your valuable content for lead generation.


Increase ROI

You have limited time and resources, so making the most of every piece of content is critical.  If you can drive more views for your on-demand content, you can engage more customers and prospects, squeezing more ROI from each webinar campaign and stretching your budget just a bit further.


Qualify Prospects With Real-Time Data

With real-time analytics and reporting, your sales team has 24/7 access to data from virtual attendees. In the theater, you can see where attendees are clicking and what information they are interested in – all to help you qualify prospects and nurture leads more easily after the webinar has already been live.


Gain Authority in Your Industry

Using webinars as part of a content marketing strategy is increasingly popular because they allow you to demonstrate thought leadership and interact with audiences to create engagement, which you can measure through the unique tracking capabilities.


Follow-Up On This Webinar Strategy

If you have webinar content that can act as a lead generating tool long after the live date, then try setting up a webinar theater for your content today. See how your webinars will look when you use the 6Connex virtual event platform with video conferencing in a live demo.


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