How Virtual Events Can Create Lasting Engagement for Your Brand

Think back to a time before the pandemic. The event space was thriving, with organizers and coordinators looking for fresh, exciting ways to engage their audiences and leave a lasting impression. Then, COVID-19 hit, and the entire industry shut down practically overnight. Venues were closed, events were put on indefinite hold, and the future was uncertain. 

Fortunately, this industry is nothing if not adaptable. Also, since the pandemic hit at a time with advanced technology, it was easier than ever for promoters, coordinators, and marketers to figure out how to host events virtually. This way, guests could stay safe and social distance without losing the fun and excitement of an in-person event. 

The pandemic is drawing to a close, and in-person events are roaring back with a vengeance. But, does that mean the end of virtual and hybrid event technology? Actually, just the opposite. Events are no longer just limited to a specific city or venue. Coordinators can expand to include guests from anywhere in the world. Now is the perfect time to take the lessons from the last two years and figure out how to incorporate new event tech into the traditional framework and incorporate virtual or hybrid events year-round.

One option is to produce content that can yield audience engagement throughout the year. So, not only can event coordinators expand past a specific venue, they can extend the event to be whenever is most convenient for guests. It is an exciting time to host virtual events, and we're here to help you get the most mileage from each gathering. Let's dive in and discover how to get year-round engagement from a single event by using virtual event technology. 

Events in 2022 and Beyond: Is Year-Round Event Engagement Possible? 

Pre-pandemic, the idea of event content being available in perpetuity seemed strange and impractical. If guests wanted to get the event experience, they would have to attend in person. Now, many coordinators are shifting their focus and expanding their mindset. Why can't event materials be accessible afterward? Who's to say that guests can watch a seminar or participate in event-specific games and surveys? With the right technology, virtually anything is possible. 

That said, year-round event engagement is not without its challenges. First of all, guests have to be open to the idea for it to work. Thankfully, many people have experienced virtual or hybrid events over the last two years, so they're more familiar with the concept now than they were before. 

Another challenge for creating year-round event engagement is making the content both relevant and exclusive. After all, if guests can just watch videos or participate in online games for free after the event, what incentive do they have to attend or continue revisiting the content? Realistically, coordinators need to create both in-person and virtual content to appeal to different groups of attendees. In some cases, one person could experience both to get the most out of their ticket purchase. 

An example comes from World Champions, LA Rams who recently launched a year-round virtual venue to provide innovative brand engagement opportunities for fans, corporate partners, and other stakeholders to engage with the team. The 6Connex-powered virtual technology allows fans to stay connected with the Rams year-round, providing unique content around various NFL tentpole moments and community-focused events.


Overall, year-round event engagement is a bit tricky but easily doable. With a bit of creativity, coordinators and hosts can get a lot of mileage from a single virtual event. 

What are the Benefits of Virtual Technology for Live Events? 

Here are some top reasons to invest in virtual technology for your live events. 

  • Expanded Audience - Coordinators don't have to focus on ticket sales for a specific venue. Now, it's possible to earn residual income from attendees even after the event wraps. Plus, guests can attend from anywhere in the world, so marketing can appeal to a much larger audience. In some cases, virtual events may be able to double or triple attendance rates. 
  • Guest Convenience - While in-person gatherings can be a lot of fun, the pandemic has created a new norm where people prefer a virtual event from the comfort and safety of their own home or office space. For those guests, virtual content is preferable since they don't have to worry about dressing up or meeting people they may not like. Plus, those who can't attend the event for a specific reason don't have to miss out. 
  • Built-In Marketing - As you produce content for different occasions, you can utilize these materials to promote future gatherings. For example, you can cut together a highlight reel from your virtual broadcast so that guests can know what to expect next time. Since event marketing is crucial to success, virtual content is highly valuable. 

Year-Round Creative Content Ideas for Lasting Event Engagement

Okay, so year-round content is possible, and there are some compelling reasons to invest in it. Now, the question is, what kind of creative content ideas work as evergreen event material? While you can get pretty clever with the specifics, here are some top options: 

  • Webinars - If your virtual event hosts guest speakers or experts, you can record their speeches and release them as a webinar. Then, guests can access the content after the event if they missed something, or new people can pay to see the webinar. 
  • Interactive Surveys - Surveys with prizes can boost engagement for a live event, but why do they have to end when the event closes? Now, you can post these surveys online so that virtual guests can participate. This option works well for data collection and analysis since you can easily gather details from survey respondents. 
  • E-Books or Videos - Perhaps your virtual event has pre-recorded videos for the audience or supplemental materials for them to read during the event. You can make this content available afterward for their convenience. Videos can also work well for marketing since they're relatively easy to trim as necessary for different platforms. 
  • Q&A Sessions - Just as guests may want to watch an expert speaker, a Q&A session can add value for attendees. Recording these sessions allows you to deliver valuable content to guests after the fact. Similarly, you can host new sessions online via software like 6Connex so that those who couldn't attend can still interact with your guest speakers. 
  • Virtual Interactive Booths - Trade shows are a bit harder to do virtually, but thanks to technology like 6Connex, guests can interact with each other in a virtual environment. Now, brands can set up digital booths to interact with their audience at any time. These booths can include demonstration videos, interactive chat sessions, and digital games to help take virtual event engagement to the next level. 

How Virtual Event Technology Can Facilitate Better Audience Engagement

Finally, it's time to bring everything together. You know what kind of creative content you want to produce and the value it can bring. Now, how can you incorporate virtual event technology into your in-person event? Thankfully, 6Connex has all the tools you need to make year-round engagement happen with options like: 

  • Virtual Environments - Guests can interact with each other in a digitally-rendered environment, all without a VR headset or special software. This tech works well for booths or digital event venues where guests can experience content in a virtual facsimile of what they would have seen in person. 
  • Broadcast Recordings - You can have fixed or mobile cameras operating throughout the event, showing highlights for virtual attendees. Best of all, guests can potentially pick which stream they want to focus on, so they're in control of their experience. By recording these live streams, the event can live online forever. 
  • Interactive Games - Games are an easy way to boost engagement since they're fun and involve multiple people. In some cases, you can have self-serve games, like trivia, where attendees can participate on their own time and compare their results to everyone else. 

Let the In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Events Company Help You Succeed!

Are you ready to see what virtual event technology can do for your live events? If so, we can help you make the most of your next gathering. Now, you don't have to feel limited to a specific day or time to get audience engagement from a single event. With our technology, insight, and expertise, you can maximize your ROI and take your events further than you ever imagined. Contact us today to find out more!


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