A Virtual Town Hall

In many cases, it’s an acquisition or other major corporate change that prompts a town hall or CEO address. Or maybe your company has made a conscious decision to strive for more regular communications from a variety of senior execs. In either scenario, you then have logistical challenges, like conference call quality and costs, global access, and employee engagement. A virtual event can be one way to solve these challenges and bring your executive team closer to your employees.


What is Virtual Town Hall?

A virtual town hall address where all employees are invited to listen, or a regularly scheduled “Fireside Chat” where regional or division employees can both receive company updates and participate in Q&A with execs.  Follow the sun for major announcements with a live address for each region, or pre-record for anytime, anywhere access. Actively engage employees in the conversation and solicit feedback and suggestions via surveys and open chat.  Leverage enterprise entitlement to ensure the right employees hear exactly the right message.


Why Do You Need to Do a Virtual Town Hall?

You want your employees focused on their jobs, not wondering about the state of the company or the latest Internet rumors.  They need to feel connected, and they want to know their executive team cares enough to take the time to keep them informed. Thinking strategically about a Virtual Executive Communications program, with virtual events that are tested, in place and ready to go when you need it, can make all the difference in letting your executive voices be heard.


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