Why You Need a Webinar Theater

If you’re an enterprise marketer, chances are good that you hosted a few webinars in your time.  You likely invested a lot of time and effort in the content, and hopefully that paid off in some solid leads on the live day.  After that, if you’re like most, you probably posted the on-demand link somewhere on your website, and views trickle in over time.

All that great webinar content is valuable, long after the live day. The trick is surfacing the topics to both new and old prospects, while avoiding the “re-tread” – you don’t want to repeat yourself, but hey, that presentation from February may be just what’s needed in October to push a prospect to close. Consider a Webinar Theater and let your marketing program cross-pollinate while your prospects self-select the content they need.


What is a Webinar Theater?

A webinar theater is a virtual home for all your webinar content, both live and on-demand.  Drive registrations for individual webinars, while providing access to a library of existing resources.  Options include 1:1, small group and public chat, lots of social sharing, and detailed reporting to create a valuable picture of each prospect over time.


Why Do You Need a Webinar Theater?

You have limited time and resources, so making the most of every piece of content is critical.  If you can drive more views for your on-demand content, you can engage more customers and prospects, squeezing more ROI from each webinar campaign and stretching your budget just a bit further.


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