Your Virtual Event Live Day is Coming Your Way!

You’ve done all of the research, taken all of the preliminary steps, and now your team is motivated to get the virtual show on the road, so to speak. Live Day is here!

But wait - Are you feeling confident that your live online event will go off without a glitch?  Is your team up to speed and clear with your objectives? Even in the best situations, things can go awry, so how can you rest assure that all systems are in place?

To help ease your mind, we recommend that you take the following steps to prevent mishaps on Live Day:


1. Align Your Live Day with Your Objectives

Take a step back and review your team’s larger virtual event goals and match them with your Live Day agenda. For example, a marketing team may want to steer certain leads to the sales team, while a support team may want to direct phone inquiries to specified areas in the virtual environment.


2. Build Your Team

A solid team is essential to the success of your Live Day, so make sure that your team can handle the virtual environment for the duration of the event. Organize your team by Core, Support, and Solutions Experts. If this is a hybrid virtual event where you have a physical audience too, you will often find that the online audience will be larger than the physical audience so be sure to communicate this to your team.


3. Create An Engaging Agenda

Once your objectives have been established, you can start outlining your virtual agenda.


4. Define User Journeys

“User Journeys” help your team identify attendee types and describe them as persons. “Anna - CFO at SME Manufacturing company” - then describe how she moves in the virtual environment during the day, how she interacts with the Support team (being greeted etc) and how she interacts during the different sections on your agenda.


5. Rehearse

For a smooth delivery your team needs to have a preview of the virtual environment. Set up an internal rehearsal where you invite staff in your own company to experience the environment a week before your Live Day. This will allow them to practice what to say and how to maneuver the attendees through the environment. Rehearsals not only stir excitement for the Live Day, but they allow you to gather feedback from your internal audience and give you the opportunity to make any necessary changes.


6. Create “Call Guides”

The Support and Solutions Experts teams have key roles in making the Live Day a success. And since they are the face of your virtual event, they should be keenly aware of your objectives. Create Call Guides to set up situations that will happen during the Live Day. Also, ensure your team has access to up-to-date information about outcomes. Assign someone to manage the “show announcements”, which are scheduled banners that contain a message and/or clickable links.


7. Prepare For Success

If you have taken the above steps then you stand a great chance to have a successful event. However, the Live Day is only the beginning. To reap continued rewards, it is important to communicate leads/appointments to the sales and account management teams. And don’t forget reporting! It is essential to decide upfront which analytics will best suit your online event and who will be in charge of producing them. Reports should be generated as soon as possible after the Live Day is over - Ideally the same day.

At 6Connex, we have you covered. Schedule a time with us to for a virtual event demo to ensure that your Live Day event is a success.


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