The Future of Virtual Events is Artificial Intelligence Matchmaking with 6Connex


With in-person events on hold, attendees successfully learned to shift from traditional events to those on virtual and hybrid event platforms. There are many benefits to this change, like the global perspective that allows people to participate no matter their location, and savings on costs related to food, beverage, and space rental fees. 


But there’s also some downsides—and 6Connex’s artificial intelligence matchmaking delivers an outstanding opportunity to take hold of these changes and leverage them for the better. 



Event Engagement: The “Hallway Track”


The power of events is engagement. At a live event, there are often different content tracks participants follow, with each one directed toward a certain specialty. The term “hallway track” refers to the magic that happens in the hallway as attendees maneuver their way to and from each conference session. It’s where attendees network, exchange ideas, and grow their relationships. As a result of the shift to virtual events during the pandemic, that power of the “hallway track” has been taken away from event participants. It’s a tremendous loss that people recognize leaves a gap in creating valuable connections. 




The AI Advantage


When people hear the term “artificial intelligence,” their minds tend to send them into futuristic visions that aren’t reflective of reality. Simply put, artificial intelligence is the use of computer systems to perform tasks normally completed by humans. 


In daily life, AI is actually all around us. Whether it’s robots in an Amazon warehouse, or facial recognition on Facebook, AI plays a significant role in making life easier. When applied to virtual events, AI can actually recreate those vital side conversations and connections that are typically forged during unexpected “hallway track” interactions. 




The 6Connex Approach to Virtual Engagement & Connection


When it comes to virtual events, 6Connex’s AI matchmaking is the link that cultivates organic connection. Using comprehensive tools that study each attendee’s behavioral data, 6Connex can directly help find the people you should be talking to. Whether it’s finding a new role or introducing someone to your product, 6Connex serves as a means to deliver a personalized experience and get you to that next step. 


Recently, the University of Southern California, a 6Connex customer, utilized 6Connex to host hybrid commencement ceremonies for their student body. Since 60% of that student body was out of state, 6Connex was able to bring that population together virtually in a way that duplicated the connections traditionally derived from an in-person event. This hybrid event is just one example of how virtual event technology can play a vital role in creating successful human interactions and connections online.  


When it comes to optimizing your virtual or hybrid event, AI matchmaking is the engagement tool that makes a difference. As we look forward towards a new era of virtual and hybrid events, 6Connex’s unique perspective and advanced technologies will harness AI matchmaking to boost your event’s engagement and create meaningful connections like never before.




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