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13 min read | December 5, 2018

How to Launch a Virtual Event for Lead Generation

  While virtual summits offer the traditional benefits of trade shows  (accelerating brand awareness and marketing your product/service), they also cast a larger net... Read More
5 min read | November 27, 2018

10 Tips to Prepare for Your Virtual Career Fair

  1. Develop your event budget There are many factors to consider when creating the budget for your virtual career fair. Variables such as the event scope, features... Read More
5 min read | November 14, 2018

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Hosting a Virtual Summit

What is a Virtual Summit? If you are not on the bandwagon yet, virtual summits help businesses gain authority in an industry, subsequently creating a space where ROI for... Read More
2 min read | November 5, 2018

Virtual Summits are the New Frontier in Demand Gen

Save On Event Costs By Going Virtual Hosting and attending physical events and conferences can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Direct event costs like... Read More
8 min read | August 9, 2018

You’ve Decided to Host a Virtual Summit—Now What?

A collaborative online event, a virtual summit connects your audience to your content. Thought leaders present keynote presentations, and the audience can interact with... Read More
5 min read | June 13, 2018

4 Steps to Hosting Your Virtual Event

Hosting corporate events costs companies hundreds of thousands or sometimes millions of dollars. Expenditures such as travel, venue rental, hotels, decorations, catering,... Read More
2 min read | March 14, 2018

What Is the Shelf Life of Your Conference?

Did you know you can get even more out of your events? You can extend the shelf life of your event, creating value for your audience beforehand and afterward, as well as... Read More
4 min read | February 7, 2018

Engaging Participants In Your Online Event

At this point, you’re feeling quite optimistic, with the only exception being getting the word out. After all, everyone is constantly inundated by online advertisements,... Read More
4 min read | December 4, 2017

Digital Dodo’s – Second Life

Digital Dodo – Second Life for Businesses Second Life was a once-hailed platform where businesses would conduct meeting and meet their stakeholders. Large blue-ship... Read More
5 min read | October 30, 2017

Online User vs. Live Attendee

There’s a lot of valuable time, effort and potential cost put into motion when it comes to creating a memorable event, whether it's a physical or a virtual one. With... Read More


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