Virtual Events Offer Limitless Learning Opportunities

Businesses are either removing physical events entirely from their agendas or integrating virtual events into their physical ones to encourage training, development, and on-boarding programs. These can have dual-use as internal and external programs for customers and partners as well as product training for their sales team. Tools, such as virtual conferencing and webinars provide virtual learning areas to educate employees by offering presentations on specific topics. Not only is this cost-effective to business owners, but it’s convenient to their employees and saves valuable productive time. Through a virtual event, participants can converse with experts directly without having to wait for responses. Individuals can also learn at their own paces and on their own schedules, eliminating stress.

For recruiting purposes, virtual events allow recruiters to train and assess potential applicants and prospective recruits for companies looking to full job positions.

Educational organizations are adding virtual events to their curriculums to engage students with highly-interactive immersive learning experiences. With supreme virtual conferencing tools, students can take a tour of important landmarks and actively participate in discussions in real time or on-demand. They can delve deep into subject matter with knowledgeable experts near and far, so location is not a deterrent. With video chat capabilities, students can instantly engage in cultural and social events and meet other students in a relaxed and fun way.


Virtual Events Enhance Learning by Offering the Following Tools:

    • On-demand or live content to connect learners from anywhere across the globe. Content can also be customized and branded to corporate standards and learner journeys.
    • Gamification to motivate individuals and teams while assessing and tracking progress.
    • Content repositories for students to do in-depth research and independent studying when they have projects.
    • Built-in reporting and analytic tools to track certain aspects of the virtual event attendee participation and progress.

The experts at 6Connex recognize how valuable content is to the success of any learning environment and collaborate extensively with administrators and educators to provide supreme learning management solutions. 6Connex’s extremely flexible, 100% virtual platform can be customized to any vision imaginable. For more information on how you can get started today, contact our event planners and virtual environment specialists at 6Connex today.


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