Want Leads? A Virtual Event Can Help!

A virtual conference or virtual summit is a great opportunity to engage with customers and prospects. By creating a unique space for them to access your content, connect with experts, and learn, you’re also creating new ways for you to learn about your potential buyers. At the end of your online event, you’ll have a whole new set of qualified leads.


Collect Detailed Data

Almost every action inside the environment is a new data point for you. Let’s say Susan enters the lobby and then heads over to the auditorium to view a couple webcasts. During a break, she visits the resource center, where she watches a video and downloads three datasheets. Before she leaves the virtual conference, she stops by two product booths to ask the experts a few questions and downloads four case studies. Every one of these actions is tracked, including the Q&A with your experts.

Another great option to drive the qualified leads you want is the leaderboard. With the leaderboard, attendees can earn points by taking some of the actions mentioned above, like visiting a product booth, and the points give attendees opportunities to win prizes. You decide what activities are most important, and you get the detailed data to confirm that activity for each attendee.


Get Comprehensive Reports

The data for Susan and all other attendees is at your fingertips in real time on an easy-to-use dashboard. More than 35 reports are accessible through the dashboard, and you can even set reports to be delivered to your inbox on a regular schedule. You can run a master report that includes every attendee and every piece of content they touched, run a report for a specific content item or location, or run a report on the Q&A with your booth staff.

Comprehensive Virtual Event Reports Include:

    • Registration & attendance
    • Content views
    • Booth visits
    • Chats with reps
    • Leaderboard activity
    • And much more


Creating a virtual conference to generate more leads is an effective way to use the content and people resources that already exist in your company. With some forethought about what actions and activities will identify your best leads, you can create the best experience for both your prospects and your sales reps. Even better, you won’t need to stalk attendees at your next physical conference.

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