Virtual Learning Breaks Down Walls

Virtual Classrooms: Education is Evolving

Virtual learning is quickly making its way into the educational realms. Dusty erasers and broken chalk have long been discarded, and soon even the classroom will become a distant memory. Just think, students will no longer have to compete for their teacher’s attention, and personality clashes will never be an issue. Education is constantly evolving, and the learning tools that businesses currently use to educate their personnel are now being applied to schools.

Advances in technology, such as smartphones and tablets, provide such interactivity that it’s easy to implement online classroom tools to which students have access. Video conferences are replacing physical teacher-led discussions, and virtual classrooms are becoming replicas of their physical structures.

New Tools Provide Immersive Learning for Students, and Key Data for Teachers

For example, a French class that once seemed a bit lifeless can now become a highly interactive, immersive learning experience where students can visit Paris through virtual field trips. In this scenario, participants can view important landmarks and hear their histories, listen to music, engage in cultural and social events, and meet other students. Conversations can be exchanged through text or video chat in a way that resonates because the students are speaking to their peers in a relaxed and fun way.

Instructors also get to enjoy the perks that come with a virtual learning environment. Virtual classrooms are free of disruptions, and content can be uploaded or adjusted on a whim. Libraries serve as content repositories for students to do in-depth research and independent study when they have projects. Gamification can also be implemented to gauge students’ progress and reward them for their learning efforts.

With built-in reporting and analytic tools, teachers can track their students’ work and the amount of time spent in the environments as well as see where learners might be getting stuck. Issues with a particular curriculum can be immediately addressed, and those students needing additional help can be directed to appropriate tutoring areas for further assistance.


Virtual Corporate Training and Education

In the corporate arena, businesses are adding virtual learning for training, development, and on-boarding programs. These can have dual-use as internal and external programs for customer and partners and product training for the sales team. Departments, such as human resources, can use virtual learning centers to educate employees by offering presentations from insurance carriers and discussions with corporate benefits specialists to aid in making decisions.

By merging core content with two-way interaction and technology, virtual learning has opened the global doors for millions of people to access information and receive guidance. The Way to Learn from 6Connex is a robust module that can be added to any virtual destination license. It blends the key tenets of learning management with the social engagement and immersive nature of virtual environments—without the expense of an LMS. When offered without live components, courses can be taken at a pace that works around individual schedules. This significantly reduces travel costs and wasted time.

6Connex’s The Way to Learn also provides:

    • On-demand or live content to connect learners from anywhere across the globe. Content can be customized and branded to corporate standards and learner journeys.
    • Gamification and leaderboard to motivate individuals and teams while assessing and tracking progress.
    • The ability for administrators to set coursework prerequisites to establish a baseline.


Virtual learning offers many options to learn creatively without boundaries. However, superb content and instruction is still the key to its ultimate success. This is why it’s imperative that educators work with an expert virtual platform vendor to construct the best virtual learning environment possible. For more information, visit our website or schedule a live virtual event demo today.


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