Virtual Sales Meetings & Virtual Trainings — Part 3, Employee Reactions

Where the Rubber Meets the Road - What Do Employees Think?

Once you’ve studied the benefits of virtual sales meetings and made the decision to move forward with a virtual sales kickoff or a virtual sales enablement program, and you’ve invested in both quality content and an engaging, fun experience, how will your employees react? Will they feel shortchanged and unmotivated? Will they really learn anything in this new model?


Real Results from Virtual Events


SonicWall: Active Engagement and Dramatic Savings

The great news is many enterprise organizations have taken the leap before you, and we know they are seeing great results. Global cyber security company, SonicWall, made the shift from physical to virtual sales meetings and realized measurable results. Participants viewed more than 15,000 content items with an average of 6 hours viewing time while the company saved 80% compared to the cost of hosting a physical event. But was it successful in training and motivating the sales team?

Chris Szarlacki, Director North America Channel Marketing for SonicWall, noted after their first virtual sales kickoff, “The return on our investment on the virtual platform far exceeded our initial expectations. We received a much richer, more dynamic experience—well beyond what most were expecting from a standard webinar. It felt like we were all there.” Building on that experience, SonicWall has expanded their use of the virtual platform, leveraging the technology to reach and engage more employees.


Salesforce: Praise from Employees

Another great example is Salesforce, which used the virtual event platform for several virtual kickoff events. The company moved from an entirely physical training event to an entirely virtual experience, and leaders were admittedly nervous about the reactions from employees. During and after the first live virtual kickoff week, Salesforce captured direct comments from attendees, who had overwhelmingly positive feedback: 

“I’m getting more out of the virtual kickoff than the physical kickoff. I’m not hung over, so I can participate and learn more!”

“I really enjoyed the leaderboard, watching my points go up throughout the event.”

“I was able to connect with more of my colleagues in the virtual event than at a physical event”

“I felt really spoiled because friends in other parts of the company saw what we had and couldn’t believe how cool it was. I loved it.”

“I love that I can take my time and can view sessions again.”

“Even though I’m in a remote office by myself, I felt connected and engaged all week.”

Explore Virtual Sales Enablement

These are the comments we hear from customers again and again, who hear directly from their employees that virtual sales kickoffs and trainings engage and motivate them. Relying on the experience of enterprise clients who’ve made already made the leap, our team can provide you the expert guidance to build your virtual sales enablement program. If you want to know more, connect with the 6Connex team for a demo. 





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