20 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas For Your Veriest Merriest Team

Did you know that according to a survey done by Gallup, just 28 percent of exclusively remote workers feel connected to their organization's mission and purpose, marking the lowest percentage since 2011? As the holiday season rolls in, this disconnection can deepen, leaving employees feeling isolated during what should be the most wonderful time of the year. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With the right virtual holiday party ideas, you can weave that missing thread of connection into a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences and celebrations within a virtual venue. Let's explore 20 virtual holiday party ideas that not only bring your team together in a dynamic virtual venue but also reignite their connection to your organization's heart and spirit, no matter where they are.

1. Festive Trivia: Virtual Holiday Game Shows

Transform your virtual Christmas party into a hub of festive cheer with a custom-designed Holiday Game Show that promises to be the highlight of your team's season. Imagine the thrill as each participant buzzes in to answer holiday-themed trivia, their screens alight with the spirit of competition and camaraderie. Utilize the cutting-edge tools offered by today's virtual event platforms to craft a game show that's not just a game, but a memorable event.

Engage your team with a mix of trivia questions that range from "Name That Classic Holiday Tune" to "Worldwide Winter Festivities" to ensure inclusivity and global appeal. With seamless app integrations and engagement tools, set up a virtual buzzer system that brings the excitement of a live game show right to your team's home offices. And what's a game without rewards? Entice participation with enticing prizes like virtual gift cards or extra vacation time, adding that extra layer of motivation and joy.

2. Sweet Creations Unleashed: Virtual Holiday Dessert Decorating Contest

Dive into the delightful world of confectionery artistry with a Virtual Holiday Dessert Decorating Competition, a sweet addition to your virtual holiday party ideas that's sure to sprinkle joy and unleash the sweet creativity of your team. This festive contest is the perfect recipe for team members to showcase their culinary flair or even their humorous take on holiday treats.

Invite your remote team to engage and whip up their most imaginative holiday desserts, from sparkling sugar cookies to grand gingerbread edifices. Then, gather everyone in a virtual holiday party room where each creation is displayed in a gallery of gastronomic genius. Encourage everyone to share their baking journey, the mishaps, and the triumphs, making it a personal and engaging experience that's integral to your virtual holiday party.

Judging these edible masterpieces can be as much fun as creating them. Introduce playful categories like "Santa's Guilty Pleasure," "Winter Wonderland Wonders," or "The Grinch's Gourmet Delight" for the "ugliest" dessert that still tastes like holiday happiness. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone, regardless of their baking prowess, can participate with gusto and a dash of humor.

For a twist that's as classic as it is charming, consider sending out gingerbread house kits to your team ahead of time. Then, on the day of your virtual holiday party, host a gingerbread house decorating showdown. Provide a platform where team members can share their progress live, turning it into a collaborative and festive event. The kits can be a delightful surprise that also serves as a tangible connection to the company, fostering a sense of belonging and team spirit.

3. Whodunit Wintertide: The Virtual Holiday Mystery Challenge

Engage your team in a festive caper with a Virtual Holiday Mystery, an imaginative escape from the traditional virtual holiday party. Picture this: a narrative-driven adventure where each participant plays a pivotal role, unraveling a holiday-themed "whodunit" that's as enchanting as the season itself.

Imagine the intrigue as your team delves into a story of mysteriously missing mistletoe or the curious case of the disappearing dreidels. With the right virtual event platform, such as 6Connex, which offers the capability to host multiple breakout rooms, your team can split into groups to tackle various challenges and puzzles, making the experience immersive and interactive.

The versatility of a platform like 6Connex is perfect for hosting such an event, allowing for seamless transitions between the main narrative and the intimate collaboration of breakout rooms. Here, teams can discuss theories and piece together clues without the crowd, creating an atmosphere ripe for mystery-solving.

4. "Never Have I Ever" Holiday Edition

Elevate the merriment of your virtual holiday party with a spirited round of "Never Have I Ever," specially tailored for the festive season. This beloved game is a fantastic way to spark laughter and learn more about your colleagues in a light-hearted setting, making it one of the most enjoyable virtual holiday party activities.

Transform this classic into a holiday hit by inviting each participant to start with ten fingers raised, then share holiday-themed confessions that will have everyone chuckling. As each statement is read, those who've been there and done that will lower a finger, with the last person standing crowned as the Holiday Edition Champion. This engaging activity is sure to become a memorable part of your virtual holiday party, fostering camaraderie and festive fun.

Here's a dash of festive mischief to include in your game:

  • Never have I ever received a holiday present.
  • Never have I ever sneakily opened a gift before the official unwrapping ceremony.
  • Never have I ever chosen a holiday getaway over the traditional family gathering.
  • Never have I ever feigned a cold to cozy up at home instead of attending a holiday event.
  • Never have I ever jumped the gun and decked the halls before the Thanksgiving turkey was even cold.
  • Never have I ever kept the holiday lights twinkling well into the new year.

Encourage your team to craft their own humorous or heartwarming statements, which can be submitted in advance to keep the game flowing smoothly. This not only adds a personal touch but also ensures a diverse mix of revelations that reflect the varied experiences of your team.

5. Secret Santa: Virtual Gift Exchange Extravaganza

Embrace the spirit of giving with a Virtual Gift Exchange, a heartwarming addition to your virtual or hybrid holiday party that adds a twist to your online festivities. Begin by choosing a unifying theme that will spark creativity among your team—perhaps eco-friendly gadgets, gourmet snacks, or handcrafted décor. Then, simplify the matching process with a digital "Secret Santa" service like Giftster or Elfster, which magically pairs up participants.

Once everyone has their match, set a timeline for sending out the gifts to add to the anticipation. When the big day arrives, create a moment of surprise and delight during your virtual holiday party as each person unwraps their gift on camera, revealing thoughtful selections that range from whimsical to practical. This shared experience not only strengthens connections but also brings the joy of a traditional gift exchange into the digital age, enhancing the festive atmosphere no matter in-person, hybrid, or virtually.

6. Festive Fashion Showdown: Virtual Holiday Costume Contest

Inject some theatrical flair into your virtual holiday party with a Costume Contest that invites everyone to step into the party spotlight. When crafting your invitations, ignite imagination by suggesting a theme—think 'Winter Wonderland,' 'Festive Fairytales,' or 'Holiday Superheroes.' Encourage individual flair or collective genius with the option for group costumes that promote team-building and collaboration.

As your virtual gathering unfolds, let your team strut their stuff, showcasing their holiday-inspired ensembles. Create a virtual runway where each costume is displayed and celebrated. Then, let the voting begin! Who will be the 'Jingle Bell Rockstar' or the 'Silent Night Ninja'? Award the winners with virtual accolades or gift cards, celebrating the creativity and festive spirit that each costume brings to the party.

These enhanced virtual holiday party ideas are designed to create an atmosphere of joy and community, ensuring that every participant feels the warmth of the season, even from behind their screens.

7. E-Cards Galore: Virtual Holiday Card Exchange Fest

Revitalize the classic holiday card exchange with interactive content that brings a digital twist to your virtual Christmas party. Urge attendees to create their own digital greetings, blending personal creativity with festive charm. Utilize platforms like JibJab to add an interactive element, enabling participants to animate their cards with holiday-themed humor and spirit. This modern approach to card-giving not only entertains but also engages, making it a standout among virtual Christmas party ideas.

For those with a knack for design, Canva is the perfect canvas to create bespoke cards that can range from the elegantly understated to the vibrantly festive. This digital exchange is not only a sustainable solution but also allows for instant sharing and reactions, fostering a sense of instant connection across the digital divide. It's a modern take on a cherished tradition, ensuring that every team member receives a personal note of holiday cheer, straight to their inbox or chat window, adding a unique touch to your virtual Christmas party ideas.


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8. Cinematic Cheer: Holiday Party Movie Night

Revamp the classic movie night by turning it into an interactive cinematic experience for your holiday party. Choose a holiday movie that's so bad it's good, and invite your virtual holiday party guests to unleash their inner film critics. As the movie plays, encourage everyone to share their witty observations and revel in the predictable plot twists, making it a unique addition to your holiday party activities.

This isn't just a movie night; it's a communal commentary that's bound to elicit laughter and camaraderie, perfect for a holiday party. Set the stage by suggesting that guests familiarize themselves with the film beforehand, ensuring that everyone can dive into the fun without missing a beat. It's a chance to poke fun, laugh together, and create a shared holiday memory that's as quirky as it is delightful, adding an extra layer of engagement to your holiday party festivities.

9. Deck the Desks: Virtual Office Decorating Contest

Bring the festive spirit right into your team's homes with a Virtual Office Decorating Contest. Encourage your remote workforce to adorn their workspaces with twinkling lights, shimmering tinsel, or any holiday decor that sparks joy. Transform this into a highlight of your virtual holiday party by inviting participants to give a live tour of their festooned spaces, sharing stories behind their chosen themes and decorations.

Elevate the experience by having categories such as "Winter Wonderland Workstation" or "Most Creative Cubicle." For those without a dedicated office space, a "Decked-Out Desk" category ensures everyone can join the fun. This friendly competition not only brightens up home offices but also stirs up a sense of community and holiday cheer across your virtual team.

10. Cheers to the Holidays: Virtual Happy Hour 

Plan a Virtual Holiday Happy Hour that's brimming with cheer and creativity. Send out a curated kit of single-serving beverages, both spirited and non-alcoholic, to your team members in advance. As the virtual party kicks off, raise a glass together and indulge in a shared tasting experience that's both sophisticated and social.

To add an interactive twist, host a virtual mixology class where everyone can shake up some holiday magic. Offer simple yet festive recipes, like "The Grinch" cocktail, blending the tangy zest of lemon-lime with a splash of vodka or the fizz of sparkling water. Share the recipes beforehand to ensure everyone's ready to mix, laugh, and learn together. This virtual toast to the holidays is the perfect way to create a sense of togetherness and toast to the year's successes and the promise of the new year ahead.

11. Ho-Ho-Hilarity: Virtual Holiday Improv Extravaganza

Unleash the power of spontaneous laughter at your virtual holiday party with an Improv Comedy Hour. Invite a professional comedian to lead your team through a series of improvisational games and scenarios that will have everyone in stitches. Think of it as "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" with a festive twist, where the prompts are all holiday-themed, and the punchlines are as unpredictable as a snowstorm in April.

Encourage participants to let their guard down and embrace the silliness of the season. Whether they're acting out the worst office holiday party or improvising a new holiday song on the spot, the focus is on fun and the freedom to laugh at the shared absurdities of the holiday season. This laughter-filled segment is sure to be a memorable stress reliever that will keep spirits bright long after the party ends.

12. Enchanted Evenings: Virtual Holiday Magic Show

Add a dash of wonder to your virtual holiday festivities with a Magic Show that dazzles and delights. Challenge your team members to channel their inner Houdinis and learn a magic trick that they can perform live during your online gathering. Whether it's making a coin disappear or pulling virtual rabbits out of hats, the aim is to amaze and entertain.

Consider enhancing the experience with a magical guessing game, inviting attendees to deduce the secrets behind the illusions. This not only engages everyone's curiosity but also sparks interactive fun as each trick becomes a puzzle to solve. A virtual magic show is more than just entertainment; it's a celebration of the unexpected and a reminder that even in a digital world, the holiday season can still be filled with real magic.

13. Canvas & Cheer: Virtual Paint Party 

Foster a sense of unity and unleash creativity with a Virtual Paint Party, a perfect celebration for teams with diverse holiday traditions. Begin by selecting and sending out art kits from a reputable virtual paint party supplier, ensuring each team member has all they need to create their festive masterpiece. As the event unfolds, use your virtual event platform to stream a step-by-step video class, guiding your team through each brushstroke and color choice.

This artistic adventure is not just about painting; it's about sharing a moment of relaxation and creativity. When the last stroke is applied, have everyone present their artwork. This showcase not only reveals the hidden talents within your team but also creates a gallery of shared experiences that can be a talking point for years to come.

14. Holiday Hijinks: Virtual White Elephant Exchange

The White Elephant Gift Exchange is a holiday classic, and it's just as much fun online. Encourage your team to rummage through their belongings to find quirky, amusing, or unusual items they're ready to part with. Have them send these to a central 'party host' ahead of time. During your virtual holiday party, the host will present each item, adding a layer of mystery and anticipation as gifts are 'stolen' or 'passed' in a lively, interactive game.

This virtual twist on the traditional game is more than an exchange of gifts—it's an exchange of laughter and light-hearted competition. After the party, the host can dispatch the newfound treasures to their new owners or, if preferred, arrange for them to be donated, ensuring the spirit of giving continues beyond the screen.

15. Festive Crafting Together: Online Ornament Creation 

Who doesn't love a handmade ornament? Elevate your virtual holiday gathering with a hands-on Ornament Creation Workshop. Select a charming DIY Christmas ornament design and send out kits to each participant, ensuring they have all the materials necessary for this festive craft. As everyone logs in, guide them through the ornament-making process via a video conference, turning individual homes into joyful workshops.

This interactive session is more than just crafting; it's about creating holiday memories and tangible tokens of togetherness. Once the glue dries and the glitter settles, each team member will have a personalized ornament to adorn their tree or home, serving as a delightful memento of your virtual holiday party and the collective spirit of your team.

16. Green Holiday Gala: Virtual Sustainability Workshop

Transform your virtual holiday party into a celebration of sustainability with a Green Holiday Gala. Instead of cooking, engage your team in an interactive workshop focused on eco-friendly living and how to incorporate sustainable practices into the holiday season. Discuss the importance of reducing waste, choosing sustainable gifts, and decorating with natural materials.

Before the event, provide a guide on how to create DIY sustainable holiday decorations using upcycled materials or send out seed packets for planting a winter garden. During the workshop, share ideas for minimizing the environmental impact of holiday festivities, such as using digital invitations and e-cards, and opting for LED lighting. This experience will not only be festive and fun but will also empower your team to make more environmentally conscious decisions during the holidays and beyond.

Opting for 6Connex as your virtual event platform is not only practical but also a testament to your commitment to sustainability. 6Connex has proactively partnered with WSP, a globally recognized engineering and professional services firm, to evaluate the environmental impact of their virtual events. This study specifically measured the greenhouse gas emissions saved by hosting events online rather than in person. The results underscore 6Connex's dedication to environmental stewardship and their mission to showcase the eco-friendly advantages of its virtual event solutions.

Check out our Sustainability Report here.

17. Cozy Cocoa Gathering: Virtual Hot Chocolate Tasting Event

Transform your virtual holiday party into a cozy, chocolate-infused soiree with a Hot Chocolate Tasting Event. Curate a selection of exotic and classic hot chocolate mixes—from the spicy zest of Mexican chocolate to the nutty undertones of hazelnut and the sweet tang of raspberry—and send them to your team. Include custom mugs, artisanal marshmallows, and chocolate-dipped spoons for an added touch of luxury.

As you gather online, guide your team through the sensory experience of tasting each unique flavor, sharing impressions, and voting on the group's favorite blend. This warm, inviting event is perfect for teams looking for non-alcoholic ways to toast to the season, fostering a sense of comfort and joy that only a mug of hot chocolate can bring.

18. Season of Giving: Virtual Gratitude and Charity Challenge

Redefine the spirit of holiday gatherings with a Gratitude and Charity Challenge, an event that celebrates the essence of Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season. Instead of traditional gift exchanges, invite your team to share their passion for community service by bringing a list of their favorite charities to the virtual party.

Engage your team with holiday-themed games like Bingo or trivia, where the stakes are high, but the rewards are higher—winners can choose a charity for the company to donate to. This heartwarming twist on holiday festivities not only brings your team together for fun and games but also amplifies the impact of your celebration by giving back, embodying the true spirit of the holiday season.

19. Snapshot Festivities: Virtual Holiday Photo Booth 

Elevate the virtual holiday cheer with a festive Photo Booth Extravaganza. Encourage your team to don their most festive attire or whimsical costumes and step into the spotlight of your virtual photo booth. With a click, capture the holiday spirit in snapshots that will be treasured for years to come. Send out a kit of playful props in advance—think twinkling winter hats, fluffy Santa beards, and sparkling tiaras—to add an extra layer of fun to the photo shoot.

This digital merrymaking isn't just about taking pictures; it's about creating a vibrant tapestry of your team's holiday spirit. Whether they strike a pose solo or group up for a themed tableau, these snapshots will become a cherished part of your company's holiday history.

Maximize your virtual holiday party's fun with 6Connex's Open Universe integrations. Effortlessly integrate a virtual photo booth within your event platform, enabling guests to snap festive photos and share them directly on social media, all without leaving the 6Connex environment. This seamless connectivity enriches the experience, keeping the holiday spirit alive and interactive.

20. Festive Forage: Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Ignite a sense of excitement and competition with a Holiday Scavenger Hunt Adventure, enhanced by gamification elements that make the experience even more engaging. Compile a list of holiday-themed items and challenges that are likely to be found in your team's homes and set the clock ticking. Introduce gamification by awarding points for items found and special bonuses for creativity or speed.

This virtual scavenger hunt is more than a race against time; it's a delightful exploration of each other's holiday worlds, full of surprises and laughter, with gamification tactics that amplify the competitive spirit. Keep the list secret until the event begins to ensure a level playing field, and then let the festive foraging begin. When the time is up, tally the points to crown the victor, celebrating their holiday hunting prowess with a special prize that acknowledges their gamified triumph.

Following the thrill of the Holiday Scavenger Hunt, 6Connex brings another layer of innovation to your virtual holiday party with our AI matchmaking feature. This cutting-edge tool is designed to enhance networking and interaction among participants by intelligently pairing individuals based on their interests, behaviors, and event goals.

Our AI matchmaking technology analyzes participant data to suggest meaningful connections, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. Whether it's connecting like-minded individuals for a holiday recipe exchange or pairing up team members for a virtual gift swap, our AI ensures that every interaction is personalized and valuable.

Unite and Ignite: Your Virtual Holiday Party Awaits

As the year winds down and the festive season takes hold, it's time to bridge the gap of distance and bring your team together for a celebration that's both meaningful and merry. With 20 innovative virtual holiday party ideas, we've laid the groundwork for an event that promises to reconnect your team to the heart of your organization and each other, no matter where they are in the world.

From the competitive camaraderie of a festive trivia night to the creative joy of a virtual paint party, each idea is designed to spark connection, laughter, and a shared sense of purpose. Whether you're raising a glass in a virtual happy hour, swapping gifts in a digital White Elephant exchange, or crafting ornaments together across the miles, these experiences are more than just parties—they're a lifeline to company culture and community.

Transform Your Virtual Holiday Party with 6Connex

With 6Connex, you have the creative freedom to design an unforgettable virtual holiday party that bridges distances and brings your team together. Our platform offers customizable spaces to reflect your company's holiday spirit, interactive features to keep engagement high, and insightful analytics to track your event's success. No matter if you hosting a webinar or in-person, hybrid, or virtual event, connect your global team in a secure and dynamic virtual environment where every member can share in the joy of the season.

Eager to host a holiday celebration that resonates with your team's unique character? Click to book a demo with 6Connex and begin the journey to a memorable virtual gathering. Book your demo now.

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