Virtual Event Inspiration — Volume 2

The 6Connex clients just keep on innovating. If you’re not yet sure how you can use a virtual event to engage your prospects, employees or partners, the latest programs launching on our virtual environment platform just may give you some great ideas.


Franchise Promotions

Last month kicked off with a unique program for a global hardware chain and its local franchisees. To share new hardware promotions and drive purchasing from franchise owners, corporate created a virtual environment with backgrounds, signage, and graphics that highlight specific hardware deals. Two virtual exhibit halls feature product booths, where attendees can download details, including pricing, and even order products by snapping the barcode with the franchise app on their phones. The live event was such a success that corporate now hosts regular live chat days to help educate and support franchises through the summer buying season.


Employee Learning

A global financial services company offers many shared services to its employees but found that not everyone was aware of all the benefits they can access. The shared services team now hosts a week-long virtual event on their internal webinar platform inside the virtual environment. Between sessions, attendees can visit the virtual exhibit hall to chat directly with representatives from different departments and access resources and details about available services. All this is wrapped in security to ensure that only employees have access.


Connections for the Homebound

Virtual events can be lifesavers for individuals who are homebound, and a large non-profit foundation uses the virtual event platform to create a safe space for connection. Built with custom backgrounds that evoke outdoor locations such as a campground or beach, the virtual environment invites individuals who are mostly homebound due to illness to attend live learning sessions and virtual chats. Family members are invited to join for broader connection and education. The program also includes live video chats and fun activities, all designed to foster open dialogue and sharing. This is a truly innovative way to think about virtual events.


Multilevel Marketing Inspiration

Educating and motivating distributors is core to multilevel marketing companies. A first-ever Thai-language virtual event brought together hundreds of attendees for a virtual event hosted by a company selling personal care products. Attendees gathered together to learn about new offerings via Google Hangouts inside the virtual environment. Product booths offered videos, downloads, and other resources. Regularly scheduled programs within the virtual environment help connect new representatives to distributor leaders and sales superstars, driving even more growth for the company.


Sales, Sales and More Sales

Virtual SKOs are hot! A global software company provides educational programming that expands to reach beyond first-line sales reps to sales engineers and others who support customers. With live days in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, regional sales teams come together to learn, connect, and celebrate—all within the virtual environment. A video wall puts key content at attendees’ fingertips, and virtual product booths provide access to other key resources. During both live days and anytime browsing, Q & A with company representatives is available to support sales teams.


With so many great use cases across so many different industries, what are you waiting for? Chat with the 6Connex team, and let us help inspire you. Schedule a live virtual event demo on the 6Connex platform today.


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