CNX 2023 Recap: Shaping the Future of Events with Sustainability, Immersive Experiences, and Lead Generation

Our 3rd annual event tech summit, CNX 2023, was a huge success! On April 19th, industry experts shared their ideas on sustainability, the future of events, immersive experiences, and lead generation.


During the summit, we discovered how to leverage virtual environments to drive leads with a BambooHR case study and announced winners of the first annual 6Connex Event Awards! The future of events is here, and it’s all about taking easy wins, creating authentic connections, and embracing new technology. Get inspired and stay ahead of the curve with a recap of these exciting key takeaways from CNX 2023.


Sustainability: A Network Game Where Everyone's Connected


Pedro Pereira, Chief Sustainability Officer LAC at SAP, Dan Sobrinski, Director of Sustainability Energy and Climate Change at WSP, and Luiz Martins, CMO at 6Connex, came together during CNX 2023 on the session “Driving Sustainability in 2023” to discuss the latest best practices and innovations in sustainability.

They emphasized that sustainability is not a solo endeavor - organizations cannot achieve sustainability alone. Instead, they must engage their entire value chain, including suppliers and customers, to make a real impact. It's a networking game, and everyone is connected.

The trio also discussed the importance of understanding the environmental and social consequences of our actions when making business decisions. By doing so, we can select options with lower carbon footprints and help us reach science-based targets.

And with new regulatory initiatives coming into play worldwide, it's crucial that we all adapt and work together to make a positive impact on the planet. So, let's continue to innovate and implement best practices for a sustainable future - because, after all, sustainability isn't just a buzzword. It's the way forward.


Insights and Easy Wins: Experts Discuss the Future of Events - 2023 and Beyond 


The future of events was a hot topic at CNX 2023, and experts across the events industry had plenty of insights to share. The session, “The Evolution of Events - 2023 and Beyond,” featured speakers such as Tyler Davidson, Vice President & Chief Content Director, Meetings Today; Mercedes Hunt, PhD., Director of Energy and Sustainability, Marriott International; Marley Finnegan, Founder of PURPOSE; Henry Tran, CTO, 6Connex; and Bob Zeitlinger, Senior Vice President, Makovsky, dove deep into the complexities of sustainability, technology, and meaningful connections.

One thing they all agreed on was the importance of taking easy wins. Whether it's taking advantage of new legislation for food donation, switching to less carbon-producing meat for catering, or using new technology to create engagement during and after the event, there's plenty that can be done to make events more sustainable and accessible.

But it's not just about the technology or the policies - it's about authenticity. People want to connect with real experiences and meaningful connections. So, as we look towards the future of events, let's remember the power of genuine human interaction, whether that be in-person, hybrid, or virtual.

The future of events is all about taking those easy wins, cultivating engagement through new technology, and connecting with authenticity. Together, we can make it happen!


The Future of Immersive Experiences and Lead Generation


CNX 2023 featured a multitude of sessions on the latest trends and insights in the virtual events industry. One particularly interesting session was  "Leveraging Immersive Experiences that Drive Leads," presented by Cara Poole, Client Experience Manager at 6Connex. Her session explored the exciting possibilities of AI and event technology for marketing and events.

As a former event organizer, Cara stressed the importance of analyzing post-event data to engage attendees and ensure they walk away with the desired knowledge. Leveraging AI technologies native to 6Connex to promote engagement, she encourages focusing on event goals, whether they be sponsorship, ROI, or both., Use the goals to tailor the event, like creating a strong partner or solutions hall to drive a more engaging experience for sponsors.

With the rise of the metaverse, the importance of creating an engaging and immersive experience for attendees cannot be overstated. By utilizing innovative virtual event technology like 6Connex, companies including BambooHR, Abbott, and many others have been able to achieve great success with their virtual events. The platform's interactive experience and virtual trade show booth rooms have allowed our clients and their partners to provide all necessary resources in one space, creating a customizable, professional, and engaging experience for their attendees.

The session highlighted the potential for AI and event technology to revolutionize the virtual events industry and drive lead generation. By focusing on goals and creating an immersive experience, companies can stay ahead of the curve and create a lasting impact on their attendees.

Leveraging Virtual Environments to Drive Leads: a BambooHR Case Study


Of course, 6Connex is always excited to promote a success story about the bread and butter of their platform, the world of virtual events. One such session was presented by Lexee Wright, Marketing Operations Specialist at BambooHR, where she shared how they leveraged the 6Connex platform to drive leads and achieve success with their virtual events.

Lexee's role on the events team is to ensure that their events go off without a hitch, using the technology that they have in BambooHR’s tool belt. And as Lexee pointed out, the 6Connex platform is a key tool in their arsenal.

At BambooHR, virtual events are taken seriously, and the 6Connex booth rooms have given them a virtual trade show booth that allowed them and their partners to provide all the resources that someone may need for their booths in one space. Lexee marveled at the 6Connex team’s ability to take a physical design for a booth BambooHR uses at in-person events and replicate it, but now in a virtual environment.

According to Lexee, their first goal is always to provide a professional interactive experience, and 6Connex is a home run when it comes to an interactive experience. With such innovative virtual event technology at their disposal, it's no wonder that BambooHR has been able to achieve great success with their virtual events.


First Annual 6Connex Event Awards


6Connex announced the first-ever event awards, and we couldn’t be more proud to recognize the following winners of CNX 2023:

6C Event Awards in person proidea 6C Event Awards Hybrid Abbott 6C Event Awards Virtual Trek Bikes
6C Event Awards Immersive Bamboohr 6C Event Awards Engagement 6C EventAwards Global Johnson and Johnson

Our client’s hard work, dedication, and talent have paid off, and we're thrilled to see them recognized for their achievements! 


A Successful Recap: Watch On-Demand Now

CNX 2023 was a smashing hit, where industry experts gathered to discuss sustainability, the future of events, immersive experiences, and lead generation. We discovered that sustainability is like a game of six degrees of separation - we're all connected, and working together is key to making a positive impact on the planet. To stay ahead of the curve in the future of events, easy wins, meaningful connections, and new technology are a must-have, as our expert speakers discussed in-depth. Take advantage of the game-changing insights shared, including how leveraging immersive experiences and AI can boost lead generation, as showcased by the BambooHR case study. Catch up on all the action now, get inspired, and be ready to elevate your next event to new heights! Watch CNX 2023 on demand now!


cnx 2023 on demand

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