Virtual Environments - You Already Own the Building


Of course you wouldn’t. You’d host events all the time. You’d always be available for questions and conversations.

I was chatting with our CEO the other day, prepping for an editorial interview. We were discussing a bit about why we’re here at 6Connex and why we both think there’s so much untapped potential in virtual environments.

We both agree it can be tough, sometimes, to get folks to think differently about virtual events, to help others see the potential we see. Then he said, “You already own the building.”

Virtual events started with the virtual tradeshow, out of necessity really, when travel budgets were slashed to the bone. They were successful enough that even when travel budgets resumed, companies continued to host virtual tradeshows. Sometimes in conjunction with a physical event, sometimes a brand new, online only program, but almost always with the tried and true model of an auditorium, a networking lounge and an exhibit hall with booths, live for a single day agenda of several webinar/webcast sessions, and then on-demand for 3 months.

Why is that still the prevailing the model?  It’s a virtual environment. It can be used again and again and again.

At 6Connex, we provide access to a software license for a full 12 months, so in essence you own the building. You own the auditorium and the lounge and the exhibits, so you can use them as much as you like. More importantly, since you own the building, you can use the conference rooms and the offices and the break room and all the different floors.

Maybe you want to invite an audience to visit your building once a month, to watch a webinar on the latest product developments. Or maybe you want to host weekly chat sessions with technical experts. Or maybe you want to offer your strategic partners branded meeting rooms where they receive private briefings from executive leadership.

In a virtual environment, you can do all of that, and more. Any time you like. In any room. And since you own the building, it can reflect your look and feel, or even your actual corporate campus.

We think it’s time virtual events found a new model, in a virtual building you own. What do you think?


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