5 Successful Hybrid Event Examples

Successful hybrid events – you can do it, too.

“In 2020, the pendulum swung all the way from in-person events to virtual events, but in 2021 and beyond, it will come to rest in the middle.” Joakim Jonsson, Chief Product Officer, 6Connex


Playing an important role in event programs, hybrid events are a new and growing strategy. To execute a successful hybrid event, planners and organizers must first think about how to incorporate technology accordingly into the successors of previous events. For example, it’s important to outline goals for attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and content, and then consider where to leverage hybrid event technology, and how it can add value to the experience.


While the thought of hosting a virtual event with hybrid inclusions may feel like a different type of endeavour, the hybrid event space is not uncharted territory. Organizations like Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Twitch, the University of Southern California, and many others have utilized different platforms for virtual events in which they’ve incorporated both in-person and virtual options to their event strategy.


Below are a few examples of some of the best hybrid events that can inspire and guide event producers towards embracing the effectiveness and success that these events can bring.


Apple’s Special Event

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at the Steve Jobs Theater to announce new devices and features rolling out for their latest and greatest products. At a typical, in-person event, where attendees are able to interact and applaud such announcements, Apple took their event to the next level with live-streaming and a live virtual audience. The live-stream was made available to everyone across the globe to observe and enjoy in the comfort of their own homes, which made for a successful alternative solution to in-person events.

apple special event 2020 hybrid event stage


University of Southern California Commencement Ceremony

One of our favorite hybrid events hits close to home, as 6Connex had the pleasure of partnering with the University of Southern California to host the commencement ceremony for the graduating classes of 2020 and 2021. The USC event has gone hybrid by including in-person and online events, allowing for graduates, families, friends, and other attendees from around the globe to participate in live and on-demand graduation events. USC’s hybrid approach to commencement ceremonies was the first for any college or university in California, and most certainly not the last.

university of southern california hybrid event


John Mayer’s Dive Bar Tour

Famous American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, John Mayer, allowed fans all over the country to watch his Dive Bar Tour concert right from their couch. Performed at a secret location in Los Angeles, California, live fans were able to attend his show in an intimate setting, while viewers at home were able to enjoy his show live-streamed. The Dive Bar Tour is a great early example of a hybrid event solution in which fans can attend intimately and comfortably, both in-person and at home.

john mayer dive bar tour hybrid event



The number one online streaming service for gamers and content producers, Twitch, has previously put on a convention twice a year where gamers and streamers could meet each other and their fans in person. Twitch has been running this hybrid conference for years, where attendees could watch live-streams from their favorite gamers, but enjoy them together in person at TwitchCon. The 2019 hybrid event even headlined live online performances from Blink-182, a well-known American rock band.

twitchcon 2019 hybrid event


Social Media Marketing World

The well-known social media conference filled with leading influencers from social media’s many platforms gathers in person in San Diego yearly; but they also offer a special virtual component, making Social Media Marketing World an effective hybrid event. Broken down into different audience tiers, attendees can access the conference in-person, virtually, or both in a hybrid-fashion. The hybrid component provides unrestricted access to the live sessions, workshops, parties, keynotes, recordings, and more.

social media marketing world hybrid event


The above examples are not limited to the extensive list of digital experiences offered around the world. As times are changing, so too is the world of events. Going virtual has become the new normal, and the need to adapt has become prominent. Even long after the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. A successful hybrid event can help organizations extend their reach and target their audience like they never have before. While physical, in-person events still hold their worth, virtual and hybrid events will continue to show value and opportunities beyond the capacity of in-person events.


6Connex is the leading provider of virtual and hybrid event solutions. Our platform for virtual events is a secure, cloud-based software that expands audience reach and drives in-depth content engagement for marketing, sales, recruitment, training, and HR communities to make for successful online events around the world. Our product portfolio includes virtual environments, learning management tools, and webinars. Demand more from your virtual and hybrid event platform. Request a virtual event demo with 6Connex, or contact our event software experts for more information.


To learn more about how to put on a successful hybrid event, click below to download our e-book: The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events

hybrid events are here to stay ultimate guide to hybrid events ebook download

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