6 Reasons to Make Your Next Fundraiser Virtual

Fundraising is a great way to meet your organization’s financial needs when there are gaps in resources, and ever since the pandemic, virtual fundraising events have become a mainstay in fundraising strategies. In fact, virtual fundraising ideas continue to grow in popularity for many reasons. Although in-person events are back on many organization’s calendars, a virtual fundraising event has a wider reach, opening the door to donors who might not be able - or want - to attend in person. Virtual fundraising also increases exposure to new audiences, and in turn the total funds raised, as participants are no longer limited by geographic location.


Here are 6 great reasons to have a virtual fundraiser:

1. Cost-Effectiveness
A virtual venue can be much cheaper to design. You avoid the costs of travel, setup, furniture, signage, staff, catering, décor, and other items that affect the budget. A virtual fundraising platform can be easily customized. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to these event formats, which allow for an infinite mix-and-match of venue design and decor and event activities. The secret to success is embracing the agility of virtual event formats. Furthermore, virtual event platforms that feature seamless event tech integrations increase event engagement and provide your audience with an experience that is not unlike an in-person event.

2. Adaptability and resilience
Let’s face it – since the pandemic, we’ve learned that event planning requires flexibility and resiliency. One of the nice things about virtual fundraising events is that no matter what happens, the event can go on without a hitch. Whether news headlines are reporting a pandemic, a weather event, an economic event, or a political event, fundraising event planners and marketers have a reliable event strategy in place. Leveraging a virtual event platform for fundraising also makes it easier to hold fundraising events on a more frequent basis.

3. Tech-driven
There are many virtual event solutions that offer all the bells and whistles you need to create an amazing virtual fundraiser. Branding, unique sponsorship packages, virtual stages, live streaming, gamification, prize widgets, varied donation options, and show-stopping landing pages are just some of the benefits of using comprehensive virtual event products. State-of-the-art tools and technology ensure attendees have just as much fun and excitement as if they were at a live, in-person event.

4. Sustainability
 Sustainable events like virtual fundraisers eliminate the waste and emissions associated with the travel, construction, packaging, shipping, and swag that accompanies an in-person event. You also remove the time, money, and labor of permit procurement and clean-up and removal activities. 

5. Streamlined planning 
Whereas in-person events require months of planning, including space reservation, staffing, and logistics, virtual fundraising events migrate all event planning activities into a single platform. Event organizers can manage speakers, sponsors, members, and content in one solution while also enjoying limitless customization opportunities including color schemes, backgrounds, imagery, banners, logos, and more. Furthermore, event organizers can take advantage of myriad built-in features, such as scheduling push notifications to encourage donations or bidding; building pop-up donation forms; enabling bidding via text; easily facilitating online donations directly to the organizational account; and automatically sending donation receipts.

6. Long-term value 
Event organizers can leverage a virtual event environment as an evergreen marketing and fundraising tool by making the environment - and the content within - available long after the fundraising event has concluded. This allows your organization to establish an ongoing presence and regularly increase exposure to potential new members and donors.

When considering virtual fundraising ideas for schools, here are a few that work well:
  • Virtual walk-a-thon
    Participants complete the challenge independently or in teams, and then gather together at a larger virtual ceremony for recognition. Many virtual event platforms even include a leaderboard feature to showcase top participants.
  • Virtual talent show
    Who doesn’t like a good talent show? Students can register to participate and raise donations from friends and family members, or the school can charge an access fee to view the show. 
  • Virtual scavenger hunt
    Classmates or classrooms can assemble teams and either secure donations from friends and family or pay a fee to participate. The school can then provide a list of items that can be found in the home or around the community. 
  • Virtual concert
    A great way to raise funds for schools is to hold a concert featuring a popular act or a hometown performer. People can make a donation in exchange for access to the event. The concert can be broadcast beyond the school community to increase fundraising.
  • Virtual game night
    Individual participants or teams can register for a virtual game show, secure sponsor donations, and/or pay an entrance fee. Participants can then compete against each other in anything from “Family Feud” to “Jeopardy.”

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There are many event tech integrations on the market that support virtual fundraising. At 6Connex, we make sure our clients have the right technology to host amazing events. Find out how we can help make your virtual fundraising event come to life and request a virtual event platform demo today.

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