6Connex Empowers Attendees To Navigate Virtual Events With 6Connex Launch℠

Leading Virtual Venue Company Unveils Self-Service Product

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — (April 13, 2021 ) – 6Connex, the leading global enterprise platform for virtual and hybrid events, today announced its first self-service product, 6Connex Launch. This product is designed for enterprise-level organizations looking to host virtual or hybrid events with fast deployment.


6Connex Launch is a unique approach to the market as it focuses on the individual journeys of virtual and hybrid event attendees, making 6Connex the first attendee-centric virtual venue platform. Deployable in less than 3 minutes, 6Connex Launch balances speed-to-delivery and ease-of-use, with pre-configured settings making it seamless for companies to activate the product. Like all of the other 6Connex product offerings, 6Connex Launch offers a flexible, secure, customizable, and intuitive open environment.


“We believe that events have evolved in a way that puts attendees – not the brand, the event producers, nor the sponsors – front and center,” said Joakim Jonsson, 6Connex Chief Product Officer. “Our experience shows that when event attendees are happy, they actively engage and drive successful events. That’s why we’ve created 6Connex Launch, an ecosystem that drives personalized journeys for attendees to keep engagement up, at the same time keeping event producers aware of attendee activity and other valuable insights.”

6Connex Launch is an intuitive self-service virtual event platform with robust and advanced capabilities. It can be purchased for under $15,000 and includes a fully immersive 3D environment. This product caters to enterprise-level organizations looking to host virtual or hybrid events with fast deployment. The product’s ease of use will significantly reduce the time and effort to create, customize, and operationalize the hosting of virtual events. It features some of the well-known immersive environments that made 6Connex stand out from its competition and the same open platform designed to make it easy to integrate new apps and other tools.


6Connex CEO, Ruben Castaño said, “6Connex has a deep understanding of what makes an event – hybrid or virtual – successful, and we have applied our years of knowledge into 6Connex Launch. We also made it simple and easy to deploy, so customers can take advantage of our robust, scalable, and secure platform to run attendee-centric events and engage with their audiences worldwide.”


With this latest addition, 6Connex continues to expand to meet its clients’ needs large and small. Its flagship product for large enterprises has been rebranded as 6Connex Soar in conjunction with the debut of 6Connex Launch. The full product suite includes:

    • 6Connex Launch℠, the company’s new fully self-service mid-market product. 6Connex Launch is available for trial at 6Connex.com.
    • 6Connex Rise, the fully customizable, immersive, and scalable mid-tier solution catering to multiple use cases.
    • 6Connex Soar, the company’s top-tier enterprise solution designed for companies that require multiple virtual venues.

Providing multiple products enables the customer to determine what best fits their needs while allowing the customer to upgrade from the LaunchSM Product to RiseSM and SoarSM.


About 6Connex

6Connex is the leading provider of virtual and hybrid event solutions. Our secure, cloud-based platform expands audience reach and drives in-depth content engagement for marketing, sales, recruitment, training, and HR communities. Our product portfolio includes virtual and hybrid venues, learning management, and webinars. For more information, visit www.6connex.com or call 1-800-395-4702.





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Originally posted on PR Web April 13, 2021.

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