6Connex Announces Development of Learning Management Platform

Pleasanton, CA — October 02, 2017 — 6Connex, Inc., the leader in virtual events and environments, today announced a significant software release focused on learning management.
Traditional learning management systems (LMS) offer a flat, menu-driven experience that simply doesn’t inspire and engage learners. Often complicated to navigate – and complicated to manage – these systems can also lack mobile accessibility, personalization and flexibility. Implementation of an LMS can also be costly and take up to a year to implement.

The 6Connex Learning Management System is a new way to deliver training programs.  A robust module added to any environment license, the new release blends the key tenets of learning management with the engagement and immersive nature of virtual environments.

The 6Connex feature set for learning management enable customers to add powerful e-learning into any virtual environment. Key elements of the feature set include:

    • Flexible Content Matrix: Organize your training program in the most logical path for your learners.  Group specific activities into Courses; group Courses by Topic; group Topics by Subject, or provide direct access at each level.
    • Customized Learning Paths: Rules-based course design specifies the order for activities; personalized progress keeps learners on track.
    • Courses: Design each Course for your specific learner requirements; provide a detailed overview and capture enrollment; enforce prerequisites; select Activities; display learner progress; schedule release and expiration dates.
    • Activities: Almost any type of content can be an Activity; live or on-demand webinars, pre-recorded videos, documents, quizzes; select your Activities, then set a specific order for your learners.
    • Powerful Entitlements: Every learner is not the same, so you can assign / expose activities, courses, rooms and even graphics to specific groups of learners.
    • Quizzes and Assessments: Reinforce key course takeaways and measure learner knowledge with custom quizzes; score, pass/fail, allow re-takes per need.
    • Notifications & Reminders: Notify individual learners when a new Course is available or assigned; remind learners of progress and completion dates; notify learners upon Course completion.
    • Deep Metrics & Reporting: Track learner progress with a real-time dashboard and access to 20+ reports; detailed course reports, individual activity reports, chat and engagement reports.

In addition to the above, customers will have access to the full feature set of the 6Connex Virtual Destination platform, including 1:1 & small group chat, public and moderated discussions, integrated social media and gamification, along within an engaging and intuitive virtual environment.  Enterprise organizations will also appreciate the flexibility of permission-based access, security for internal content and virtually unlimited scale.

For more information on the 6Connex LMS platform go to www.6Connex.com | sales@6connex.com | 1.800.395.4702

About 6Connex

6Connex is a global software and services provider for enterprise online events. Our cloud-based product portfolio includes virtual environments, learning management and webinars. Designed for marketing, sales, recruitment, training and HR communications, we transform big ideas into realworld results. Lead by the most innovative and experienced leaders in online events, the 6Connex platform was built to be the most configurable, secure and reliable product on the market. Our seasoned project managers, who have experience working with companies across all industries, provide hands-on support and strategic guidance. 6Connex has helped many leading brands increase the effectiveness of their online programs by driving revenue growth, saving money and increased employee productivity. Our customers include Salesforce, Blackrock, GE, CDC, Ericsson, CA Technologies and Intuit. For more information, visit www.6connex.com.

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