Bring Swag Bag Game to a New Level: Swag Bag Tips & Best Bag Ideas

One of the best ways to increase engagement and add a few smiles from event attendees is to give them a swag bag. It’s one of the best ways to take the game to a new level.

What is a swag bag?

Swag bags are giveaways of exclusive products and goodies, free items, gift cards, and other stuff usually decked out in a keepsake bag. You’ll find them at conferences, weddings, galas, awards shows, and other various events. Marketing teams and event organizers work hard to make sure the swag bag meaning rings true for their brands. 

There are many reasons why swag bags make sense besides promoting a brand or product:

  • Consumer feedback
    This is a great time for brands to launch new products that no one else has seen. Having something ultra-exclusive in the swag bag items not only creates a buzz but gives brands automatic spokespeople.
  • Brand Imaging
    Giving away great products for free helps brands portray a positive image which can help create or maintain brand loyalty.
  • Brand partners
    These types of events help create synergy for partnerships with other brands and event solutions providers.

This makes it easy for additional promotions using special hashtags and social media mentions.

Using Swag Bags In a Virtual Environment

With so many companies using a hybrid events platform, adopting new swag bag tips for an in-person and virtual event is inventive and inclusive. Hybrid events began as a solution for companies who needed solutions when people couldn't travel. Now, conferences immediately integrate sustainable events using a virtual event platform as part of their conference or event.

What types of items would you use with a hybrid event solution?

When it comes to swag bag ideas and virtual event solutions, the right engagement tools are key. A swag bag crossword is pretty cool, especially if in-person and virtual attendees all play and have the scores on a leaderboard. Just because it’s a virtual venue doesn’t mean the products can’t be meaningful and useful.

When virtual event planning, it’s important to consider the event technology being used for the virtual conference platform.  Here are a few swag bag tips that will keep the audience talking:

  • Think about the attendees and what appeals to them.
    You must know your audience. People want to see items they can use on a continuous basis. Learn about the audience before putting the swag bag together to select the right products.
  • Make sure items match your brand and style.
    Depending on the type of event, everything – including virtual event products should be tailored around your brand unless it’s a bag for an event like the Oscars where different items will appeal to the masses. Customization is key.
  • Make sure the items are a part of the booth display.
    For large events with multiple sponsors of the swag bag, having them set up in a booth draws attention and intrigue. For single brands, allowing the attendees to see how certain items in the swag bag work or how they will look keeps their interest.

Working with the right team that can help you utilize hybrid events software and event tech integrations at every touch point of your event creates a seamless cohesion from the swag bag giveaway throughout the event. For more information on integrating virtual swag bags into your hybrid event request a virtual event platform demo today.

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