Event Tech for Agencies: Unraveling the Magic Behind Event Success

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, one of the most popular music festivals in the world, uses new technology to improve their attendees’ event experience. Recently, it partnered with Google to create a virtual reality experience that allowed attendees to enjoy the event like never before. Attendees could explore the festival grounds before they arrived, listen to the discography of new artists, tune into backstage interviews, and so much more.

New-age event technologies are also debuting in other industries. Ninety-four percent of industry leaders say that using event technology has positively impacted their events, and over 78% of event planners leverage event technology to execute their events seamlessly.

But with a vast number of tools available today, how do you choose the most suitable for your events? Read ahead to discover how to select just the right event technology, maximize its potential to drive event success, and find out how agencies leverage event technology.

What is Event Technology?

Event technology is any digital solution or software that makes it easier for you to plan and host a successful event at any scale, be it a virtual, in-person, or hybrid event. It consists of various tools that streamline event processes (management, marketing, audience engagement, networking, broadcasting, etc.), provide valuable data-driven insights, and enhance the attendee experience. The solutions can include digital platforms, mobile event apps, customer management tools, marketing tools, and more. 

By transitioning to a virtual format, our customer achieved an impressive reduction of 10,172 carbon emissions, equivalent to saving 12,463 acres of US forest...-6Connex

How Does Event Tech Benefit the Event Industry? 

Hosting an event with superior technology can be a differentiator, helping you surpass the audience’s expectations and provide engaging and memorable event experiences. Following are a few ways the right event technology can help drive event success:

Sponsorship Opportunities

Event tech for agencies can help you improve sponsorship experiences by enabling sponsor-led breakout rooms, sponsor promotions in event games and challenges, strategic branding opportunities in mobile event apps and giveaways, etc. Sponsors also have more ways to capture qualified leads, and often, innovative event platforms can even assess the performance of sponsors’ teams by tracking their contacts, meetings, and deals.

Live Streaming

Live streaming and on-demand content let you deliver an engaging and immersive experience, especially for virtual events. With live streaming, you can allow audiences to participate worldwide and scale your event attendance. 

Choosing a reliable, scalable, and flexible virtual event platform like 6Connex becomes essential here. 6Connex can facilitate live streaming with high-quality audio and video and easily record large sessions with multiple speakers, making them available on-demand, post-event. 

Contactless Check-In

Contactless check-in is a significant event tech benefit. Comprehensive virtual event solutions like 6Connex have a team of mobile apps that do just this. We go above and beyond the contactless check-in with built-in ticketing and registration engine to facilitate seamless onsite event management, registration, ticketing, discounts, coupons, badge scanning, etc., eliminating the challenge of managing multiple vendors. 


The right event tech for agencies can help create sustainable events and decrease your carbon footprint. Instead of producing printed banners, guides, signs, tickets, event schedules, exhibitor documents, etc., you can use digital alternatives. And event technology can help you leverage green mechanisms such as sensor water-saving taps, lighting systems, solar panels, and charging stations that reduce resource consumption at in-person event venues. 

In addition, by hosting virtual events, you can reduce the carbon emissions associated with catering, transportation, accommodations, electricity consumption, material waste, etc. 

As an example, 6Connex collaborated with WSP to examine the environmental impact of shifting from in-person events to virtual ones. One noteworthy case involved an HR Organization that successfully hosted the world's largest virtual HR conference, attracting over 18,000 attendees worldwide. By transitioning to a sustainable, virtual format, they achieved an impressive reduction of 10,172 carbon emissions, equivalent to saving 12,463 acres of US forest—an outstanding accomplishment.

With the help of our cutting-edge event technology platform and dynamic mobile event apps designed specifically for in-person gatherings, we have empowered countless businesses to not only reduce their carbon emissions but also leave a smaller environmental footprint while still creating engaging experiences. Download the full sustainability report here.

Improved Communication

With event technology, you can communicate event details and updates effortlessly. Furthermore, attendees can easily network and interact with each other before, during, and after the event. They can start one-on-one or group chat sessions, share virtual business cards, and connect with like-minded attendees. 

Enhanced Event Security

Event security technologies such as identity verification tools, AI-powered biometric scans, facial recognition, surveillance equipment, etc., can help you deliver a safer event experience. You can also leverage simulation software like SportEvac and INCONTROL to train event and venue staff on handling evacuations, fire threats, and other event risks—especially important for large conferences, festivals, and trade shows. 

Furthermore, with mobile event apps, you can easily share safety information with attendees, including emergency procedures and contact information for first responders.

For virtual events, using platforms like 6Connex that strictly adhere to GDPR compliance regulations can help you alleviate the risk of event hacks and data breaches. The platform is also ISO 27001 certified, meaning it follows internationally-approved security practices to protect the attendees’ data and provide them with a risk-free event experience.

Smooth and Cost-Efficient Event Management

Event hosting and management is time- and resource-intensive, especially for in-person events. But the right event technology can make a difference. With digital event tools, you can save time by automating various event processes, like sending reminders to registrants, tracking vendor contracts, publishing marketing campaigns, researching venues, etc. Over 89% of businesses using event technology save nearly 200 hours annually, and 20% save roughly 360+ hours. 

types of event tech

What are The Different Types of Event Technology for Agencies?

The list of available event technology for event planners is nearly endless, but it can be divided into the following categories:

Registration and Ticketing

Event registration and ticketing tools can help streamline attendee registration and payment processes and track guest lists. You can create an event-specific registration portal or web page and provide registration forms with customizable fields. Some tools have functionalities like venue management, seat reservations, and other features.

Networking and Collaboration Tools

Event networking and collaboration tools help facilitate effective attendee interaction and engagement and enable your audience to take advantage of multiple opportunities to connect at the event. Virtual event platforms like 6Connex offer various networking and engagement features, such as a networking lounge, exhibition halls, live text chats with real-time multilingual translation, polls, chatbots, and AI-powered personalization for attendee match-making based on similar interests and content preferences. Other networking tools include JotCast, SpatialChat, Scoot, Interprefy, etc.

Take it up to another level and integrate some networking AI features. 6Connex's AI Matchmaking gathers attendee data from virtual event interactions, registration, social media, career experience, and event platform activity. The data is streamed to their AI-powered tracker, which provides personalized recommendations for sessions, networking, and content.

This enhances your event planning, attendee engagement, and thus ROI. Event planners can utilize attendee forms to connect them with suitable content and like-minded attendees, and other matchmaking recommendations can be offered even after the event.

Social Media Integrations

Various virtual event solutions offer social media integrations that enable you to enhance your event marketing strategies by reaching a broader audience to generate more leads. For example, you can use social walls to increase your audience’s event participation and audience engagement by allowing them to share relevant content on their networks quickly. 6Connex integrates with many popular social networks, including Walls.io, Taggbox, Instagram, Slack, Facebook, etc. You can also measure social media interactions, reach, and followers to gain valuable insights into your event’s overall performance. 

Mobile Event Apps

Over 91% of event organizers say that their event apps have yielded a positive ROI, and they consider such applications crucial for event success. You can use mobile event apps to seamlessly manage event processes like ticketing, registration, networking, personalizing event schedules, and publishing surveys and polls. 

You can also use these apps to customize your events with branding options, including custom backgrounds and logos. Additionally, the more participants who use your mobile event apps, the more data you can gather to improve future events. 

Analytics and Reporting

Modern virtual event solutions allow you to track and measure various event aspects in real time. You can gain valuable insights from relevant attendee, speaker, and exhibitor data, including behavior, content preferences, participation, interactions, and engagement. With this data, you can personalize and upgrade the event experience for each attendee. 

Platforms such as 6Connex give you 24X7 access to over 35 kinds of in-depth, real-time reports that analyze every aspect of your event and enable you to apply event intelligence at scale so you can continuously optimize and iterate event strategies and improve future events.

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How do you Choose the Right Event Technology?

Choosing suitable tech demands careful consideration of your event requirements. Following are a few steps to guide you in the selection process:

Consider your Event’s Goals

The right event tech for agencies can help you accomplish all your event objectives, irrespective of your event type or format.

The first step to selecting a technology solutions is clearly understanding your event goals. Then, you can identify the tech solutions that align with them. Common goals include increasing brand awareness, improving customer relationships, generating qualified leads, etc.

You can also consider other factors:

  • The purpose and desired outcomes of your event
  • Business goals
  • Important event KPIs
  • Your audience’s attendance objectives
  • Actions you want attendees to take after the event
  • The post-event experience and content you plan to provide

Evaluate your Budget

Create a clear event budget, estimating expenses, including event technology. Assess the value all your desired event tools bring to your event based on factors like time-saving features, ROI potential, capability to enhance the attendee experience, etc.

Research Different Vendors and Platforms

When researching event technology solutions, you should

  • Look for specific product features relevant to your event needs (hybrid readiness, security, data privacy, scalability, flexibility, ease of use, customization options, customer support, etc.)
  • Compare solution providers
  • Seek multiple perspectives about the technologies from your network, sales representatives, review sites, tech guides, benchmark comparisons, industry reports with data and insights, etc. 

Opt for a Comprehensive Solution

Instead of trying to manage multiple platforms to execute your event, it is best to choose a vendor that offers an end-to-end event management solution, such as 6Connex, which can centralize event management and streamline workflows. Schedule a short consultation here to see how our end-trend event management solution can help your next event.

Event Mobile apps

Which Event Tech Can Agencies Leverage for In-Person Events?

Following are some event technologies that are beneficial for in-person events:

Event Wearables

NFC-enabled smart badges, smart watches, eyewear, or RFID wristbands/bracelets can help you track attendees’ movements and learn about their interactions with booths and activations. You can use them to monitor event traffic, see the most popular sessions and booths, and collect big data for future events. 

Event Marketing Technology

Email marketing tools like MailChimp, MailerLite, Hubspot, etc., can help you send attendees personalized emails and push notifications about the event. Opt for an all-in-one platform, like 6Connex, that offers email marketing capabilities. You can send personalized emails and push notifications to attendees while also utilizing features like social walls, branded landing pages, and registration forms for event promotion. 

Check-In Software and Kiosks

With event check-in apps, you can automate and streamline attendee registration, check-in, badging, etc. 

You can also consider using remote self-service kiosks at hotel partners and transportation hubs to quickly check in attendees before the event. This avoids long waits during peak times.

Floor Plans

Diagramming software like Social Tables, SmartDraw, AllSeated, PlanningPod, etc., can help you design interactive maps to replicate the floor plan and help attendees navigate their way.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR graphics and pop-up presentations that mimic the Metaverse experience can increase brand awareness during the event. They can also help attendees get wayfinding information and a venue tour. In addition, AR gamification, like virtual treasure hunts, can increase your events’ engagement. 

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How Can Agencies Leverage Event Tech for Virtual Events?

Event Website

Dedicated event websites can help you promote virtual events, provide relevant registration information, highlight calls to action, and improve branding. With 6Connex, you can create a fully customizable and branded event registration experience, either as a one-page registration form or a multi-page, fully-designed website.

Third-Party Integrations

Numerous virtual event platforms provide integrations with third-party solutions. This functionality lets you connect your virtual venue with a comprehensive suite of applications and engagement tools to enhance the overall attendee experience and maximize the event’s value. Platforms like 6Connex offer a flexible, open architecture that provides seamless event tech integrations such as:

  • Skype for direct voice and video chat
  • Social walls to reach a broader audience
  • Jotcast, SpatialChat, and Wordly to increase attendee interactions
  • Soundcloud, Spotify, etc., for music

AI Content Hub

6Connex’s AI-powered Content Hub can help provide engaging and personalized content to keep attendees’ attention while they are in a waiting room or virtual booth before the event. Attendees can access the Content Hub from the navigation bar and view, interact, and engage with relevant content. Other Content Hub features include:

  • Custom content suggestions based on registration criteria, attendee activity, preference tags, etc.
  • Custom questions in registration forms
  • Targeted and account-centric content recommendations
  •  Customizable content sequences
  • Frequently refreshed content

Other virtual event technology solutions include mobile event apps, data analytics and reporting tools, live-streaming, and event planning software.


How Can Event Tech Benefit Hybrid Events?

Following are some effective event technologies you can leverage for hybrid events:

An All-In-One Event Platform

You need a comprehensive virtual event platform with hybrid readiness. Solutions like 6Connex deliver the same engaging experience regardless of whether the attendee is in-person or virtual. You can manage all your event features under one roof, be it global AI-powered networking, marketing, breakout rooms, webcasting, 1:1 meetings, or engagement tools.

360° Camera

Sophisticated platforms like 6Connex offer open integrations that support a 360° camera, so virtual attendees get a complete view of the physical event venue from anywhere in the world. They can explore the event, enjoy a close-up view of the proceedings, and have a more inclusive event experience.

Venue Technology

To successfully host a hybrid event, you need venue management tools like Tripleseat, Event Temple, Perfect Venue, Skedda, etc. Furthermore, verify that your event venue has hard-wired Ethernet connections, good upload and download speeds, and fast wifi to help you leverage event tools such as AR, VR, AI, event apps, etc. You'll also want to make sure your venue has suitable projectors, inbuilt speakers, and other advanced live-streaming setups to save you from sourcing and budgeting for these yourself.

Streaming Platforms

You can embed your event’s live stream by integrating streaming platforms with your virtual event solution. This will help your audience access all the relevant event content in one place. Some popular hybrid events live streaming and webcasting tools with which 6Connex integrates include Webex by Cisco, Webinar.net, PGi, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Vimeo, Facebook Live, YouTube, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Teams.

Transform your Events with 6Connex

Given the rapid technological developments, new event tech tools, and more tech-savvy event attendees, it is essential to incorporate new-age solutions in your events and learn to use them effectively in the events industry.

The benefits of event technology are unmeasured. By leveraging comprehensive event platforms like 6Connex, you can access a wide range of valuable digital tools to help you streamline your event management processes and upgrade the event experience for your attendees. Request your virtual event platform demo today to learn more about how you can transform your next event with the end-to-end solutions from 6Connex.

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