Exciting Summer Event Ideas for 2024

It might be July, but summer is still just getting started, and it's the perfect time to ignite your team's spirit with exciting summer event ideas! When the sun is shining and the days are longer, there's no better way to create lasting summertime memories and strengthen the bonds among your team members.

Summer events can create cohesion by allowing teams to relax and interact with each other in an informal atmosphere. They provide the perfect opportunity to share engaging experiences that foster bonds.

Hosting a summer party for your workers is a great way to acknowledge their hard work and celebrate their successes. Doing so can make employees feel like an integral part of your organization, thus boosting their morale and productivity while encouraging loyalty and higher retention rates. 

Read ahead to explore some of the most innovative summer event ideas for 2024 that can help you surprise and delight employees and galvanize your business!

1. Summer Holiday Celebrations

Designate a company-sponsored holiday and host a summer event for your company. 

For a summer celebration, give employees a day off from their usual routine, celebrate workers, and foster team building with activities like company management cook-offs, potluck picnics, beach parties, national park visits, museum tours, etc. Make sure to end your night with a fireworks show to seal the deal!

Remember to increase participation from your guests by gathering your remote workforce virtually to celebrate the holiday with virtual activities like word scrambles, spreadsheet battleships, bingo, remote barbecues, zoom picnics, movie nights, virtual museum tours, and more. 

2. Outdoor Movie Screening

What better way to spend a summer evening than to watch much-loved movies in idyllic outdoor locations?

Outdoor movie screenings give attendees a pleasant and engaging experience, allowing them to socialize with each other while enjoying great cinema. Involve attendees in the event planning by asking them for movie recommendations. 

The locations for such events can range from parks, beaches, and drive-ins to rooftops, amphitheaters, island coves, and other open-air entertainment venues. Take cues from outdoor cinema event curators to select the most suitable venue. You could also approach popular open-air film festivals to arrange private screenings for your fun summer company party.

By leveraging virtual event solutions like 6Connex, you can add a hybrid element to the movie screening by streaming the film live for remote audiences and allowing them to exchange banter through live text chats.

3. Outdoor Cooking

An outdoor cooking session can be an ideal summer event. You can divide employees into groups and provide a cooking lesson or have time-bound cooking challenges. You can also host an outdoor cooking fair where you set up grills and burners for the attendees to cook on-site and invite employees to try the various dishes.

Consider inviting a celebrity chef as the judge or event host if your budget allows. The chef can teach attendees new cooking techniques, recipes, prep work, equipment handling, etc.

With some planning, you can also host this event online by inviting remote participants to fire up their grills and sending ingredients to attendees in advance. You can even merge the approaches for a hybrid event experience. 

Of course, you can also relieve the employees from cooking responsibilities and invite them to a backyard BBQ party. Include classic BBQ dishes, like burgers, hotdogs, grilled veggies, salads, wings, picnic food, and desserts such as pies and popsicles.

Choose a tree-lined spot, use decorations like a tablescape of plants, florals, or even string lights, and include activities like a scavenger hunt, corn hole, yard Yahtzee, etc. You can also set up a fire pit to keep the party going after the sun sets and offer your attendees a place to gather and interact.

4. Summer of Wellness 

A health and wellness-themed event is a great summer social event idea. Take the event outdoors and help attendees de-stress amid nature. Choose from wellness activities like yoga, meditation, and workouts, or consider hosting a hiking meetup. You can incorporate your event into a broader wellness challenge and offer rewards to your guests, like discounts on gym memberships, company-branded athletic wear or fitness gear, etc. 

Food is also a big part of wellness, so ensure your menu has various healthy options. Include smoothies, healthy snacks, salads, and dishes that incorporate organic and locally grown produce. 

5. Auctions

Among summer fundraiser event ideas, auctions are great and allow you to showcase your partners’ and your team’s talents. Ask everyone to supply arts, crafts, and other valuable materials and services, and then auction the items for a charity that your company supports. You can even host a silent auction to add a touch of mystery for your guests.

If you’re looking to host a virtual or hybrid event, an auction lends itself very well to this event format, and you can easily increase attendee engagement and magnify the reach of your event using the 6Connex platform. 

6. Charity Work

Use your next summer event as an opportunity for your team to share a philanthropic experience. For instance, volunteering at a soup kitchen can encourage team building and boost morale. You can also come together with your employees to provide essentials for children and other guests they may have, such as stationery, backpacks, bicycles, etc., and donate them to your charity of choice. 

Other charity-based summer event ideas include:

  • An office-wide charity walk, run, or cycling event
  • Fun challenges to earn school supplies for local children in need
  • Charity activities that support military personnel working abroad
  • Do-good games (competing to complete the best deeds within a timeframe)
  • Drives for clothes/toys/blood donation
  • Delivering gifts to children’s hospitals 
  • Organizing food donations 

7. Pop-Up Market

If you’re looking for summer community event ideas, pop-up markets or shops can unite independent designers, creatives, and vendors under one roof. Executing this summer community event idea gives employees, as well as members of the community, an opportunity to appreciate local vendors selling handmade arts, goods, and foods while supporting your corporate social responsibility strategy. 

By allowing artisans and small businesses to participate in your event, you can expand local awareness of your company and demonstrate how your brand is committed to supporting small businesses. 

You can promote your event by hosting a dedicated page on your company’s website and showcasing the event on your social platforms. 6Connex’s social media event tech integrations make it easy to market your in-person event digitally.  

6Connex can also help you take the event digital by creating an immersive virtual environment with booths for individual vendors to showcase their products. 

Alternately, you can have the best of both worlds with our event solution, Eventory, and allow exhibitors and attendees to enjoy a hybrid experience. This way, vendors can promote and sell their work on-site and online and connect with other community members long after the event has ended.

8. Jam Sessions

Another lively and interactive summer event idea is to bring teams together to create music or participate in karaoke in your company’s outdoor space or at a local music venue. 

Hosting a jam session or karaoke will give attendees a creative outlet and allow them to discover latent skills. Consider hiring a professional band to play along or host music battles for a fun competition. Make your event more inclusive by incorporating virtual elements such as a virtual DJ.

9. Sustainable Summer Event

Host an event that showcases your commitment to being an environmentally conscious brand. For instance, a tree planting event can help you contribute to the environment while providing an engaging experience to employees. The event can include benefits for your guests, such as free education courses, certifications, and commemorative photography. Collaborating with sustainability organizations can help you access ideal locations like nature reserves, all the necessary planting equipment, and even press attendance for your event.

Practice what you preach and further promote sustainability at your event by replacing traditional event swag and single-use items with eco-friendly alternatives, implementing waste-reduction methods, eliminating single-use plastic, etc. This way, you can fulfill your CSR/sustainability targets, all while ensuring a fun experience for your employees and inspiring the next generation.

10. Island Luau

Invite your employees to take a tropical summer break and host an Island Luau. These summer event themes are inspired by celebrations in the Hawaiian Islands. This outdoor summer event idea can include grand Hawaiian feasts, tropical cocktails, lively music, and vibrant cultural decor and performances. You can set the theme with luau-inspired décor and encourage all your guests to wear costumes with floral or ocean-themed designs. Make sure to serve tropical food like pineapple, aloha burgers, grilled kabobs, Hawaiian salsa, etc.

11. Wild West

Among the many themes of company summer event ideas is the Wild West. Make the old West come to life in your event space with swinging saloon doors, wooden barrels filled with drinks, wagon props, rustic furniture, and other country-inspired decorations and farmhouse-themed designs. 

Consider activities like band performances and lively hoedown dance troops and invite attendees to wear cowboy or Texas-themed costumes. Include green screen photo booths, mechanical bulls, square dancing lessons, tug of war, sack races, etc., to make your Wild West even wilder! You can even build an outdoor campfire and encourage attendees to share adventure stories.

12. Pool Party

With summer in full swing, hosting a summer-themed pool party is a top choice for event planners and can be hosted on holidays. Water parks are ideal for such events, with giant floats and inflatables, water towers, slides, swings, and obstacle courses. Water activities like aqua yoga or aerobics can also allow employees to engage with the event. 

13. Beach Party

A beach party can be the perfect summer event idea for your employees, complete with beach BBQs, bingo, piñatas, scavenger hunts, musical towels, sandcastle-building contests, beach frisbee, paddleball, a bean bag toss, volleyball, etc. Your guests will be sure to have an ultimate blast. You can also set up a few carnival games, including skee ball, ring toss, or balloon darts, and turn the games/contests into a team competition, with a grand group prize to share, such as a team dinner.

You can extend the festivities by hosting a bonfire gathering at night or ask the employees to bring picnic blankets to enjoy an outdoor movie on the beach. 

Don’t forget the sand-and-seashell-themed décor and, obviously, the seafood!

14. Ice Cream Social

Making custom ice cream can be as fun as eating the finished product. For this summer party theme, let your employees create ice cream masterpieces featuring unique flavors by hosting an ice cream social and setting up a decadent ice cream bar. 

Offer attendees popular toppings for sundaes, including chocolate chips, cookie dough, sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, strawberries, cherries, caramel sauce, etc. Don’t forget to use branded napkins, and incorporate ice cream-inspired décor with a bright color palette. 

Post-event, you can let your attendees take the party home by giving them a recipe for custom ice cream with fun topping ideas and a spoon and pint-sized container of their favorite flavor.

15. Summer Carnival

Few events are more fun than summer carnivals. With themed décor, performers, photo booths, face painting, temporary tattoos, arcades, classic carnival games, and other outdoor activities, you can create an engaging employee experience. 

Serve your guests delicious and classic treats like funnel cake, corn dogs, popcorn, caramel apples, churros, sundaes, hot dogs, and fried pickles, and remember the cotton candy and snow cones! Offer beverages via a lemonade stand and water bar and provide popular carnival games, including dunk tanks, dart balloons, basketball hoop arcades, etc.

16. Outdoor Adventure Day 

Organize a day filled with outdoor adventures such as hiking, zip-lining, rock climbing, or kayaking. This type of event promotes teamwork and camaraderie as employees navigate challenges together. Choose a scenic location like a national park or a nature reserve and ensure safety measures are in place. You can also offer guided tours, nature walks, and wildlife spotting to cater to different interests.

17. Sports Day 

Host a sports day with various activities like soccer, basketball, tug-of-war, relay races, and a mini-Olympics. Create teams from different departments to foster friendly competition and team spirit. Provide medals and trophies for the winning teams, and set up refreshment stands with healthy snacks and drinks. This event can also be hybrid by organizing virtual sports trivia or e-sports competitions for remote employees.

18. Art and Craft Fair 

Organize an art and craft fair where employees can showcase their creative talents. Set up booths for painting, pottery, jewelry making, and other crafts. Hire local artists to conduct workshops and provide supplies for attendees to create their own masterpieces. Display the artworks in a mini-gallery and consider auctioning them off for charity. This event can also include live music, food trucks, and a wine or craft beer-tasting area.

19. Wine and Cheese Tasting 

Host a sophisticated wine and cheese tasting event in a scenic outdoor location such as a vineyard or a picturesque garden. Hire a sommelier to guide attendees through different wine varieties and pairings with gourmet cheeses. Provide picnic-style seating with blankets and pillows for a relaxed atmosphere. This event can also feature live acoustic music and gourmet food trucks.

20. Farm-to-Table Dinner 

Plan a farm-to-table dinner event where employees can enjoy a meal prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Partner with a local farm or a catering company specializing in organic and sustainable cuisine. Set up long communal tables in an outdoor setting like a barn or a garden. Include activities like farm tours, cooking demonstrations, and live music to enhance the experience.

21. Cultural Festival 

Celebrate diversity within your company by hosting a cultural festival. Encourage employees to share their heritage through food, music, dance, and traditional clothing. Set up booths representing different countries and cultures with interactive activities, crafts, and educational displays. This event can also feature performances by cultural dance groups, storytellers, and musicians. A hybrid option can include virtual cultural tours and cooking classes for remote participants.

22. Eco-Friendly Picnic 

Organize an eco-friendly picnic in a local park or green space. Provide reusable picnic baskets, utensils, and plates to minimize waste. Offer a menu featuring organic, locally sourced foods and beverages. Include activities like nature walks, bird watching, and environmental education sessions. Collaborate with local environmental organizations to set up booths with information on sustainability and conservation efforts.

23. Music Festival 

Create your own company music festival with multiple stages, food trucks, and various musical genres. Hire local bands, DJs, and solo artists to perform throughout the day and into the evening. Set up areas for dancing, lounging, and socializing. Enhance the festival vibe with colorful decorations, light shows, and interactive art installations. This event can also be streamed live for remote employees to join in on the fun.

24. Historical Tour 

Organize a historical tour of your city or a nearby landmark. Hire a professional guide to share interesting facts and stories about the location. Include stops at historical sites, museums, and cultural landmarks. Provide refreshments and transportation for a comfortable experience. This event can be made hybrid by offering virtual tours and interactive history lessons for remote participants.

25. Camping Trip 

Plan an overnight camping trip for a more adventurous team-building experience. Choose a scenic campsite and provide all necessary camping gear and supplies. Include activities like hiking, fishing, campfire storytelling, and stargazing. Ensure safety measures are in place and consider hiring experienced guides. For a hybrid approach, offer a virtual camping experience with a live-streamed campfire and online nature workshops.

26. Water Sports Day 

Host a water sports day at a local lake, beach, or water park. Offer activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, jet skiing, and beach volleyball. Set up a picnic area with shade, refreshments, and beach games. Ensure all safety measures are in place and provide instructors for beginners. This event can also include team-building exercises and friendly competitions.


These summer event ideas are designed to create memorable experiences for your employees, fostering team spirit and promoting a positive work culture. Whether you choose an adventurous outdoor activity, a relaxing wellness retreat, or a lively festival, the key is to plan an event that resonates with your team's interests and preferences.

extravaganza 6Connex event

Here at 6Connex, we practice what we preach.

Each quarter, we host a themed online event called "Extravaganza" to give our employees a chance to sit down, network, relax, and recharge. During these events, our employees hop on to our perpetual environment where the event is hosted. Our agenda consists of trivia games with Kahoot!, rapid-fire questions with employees, an educational session, and as always, an engaging, interactive session. 

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Our virtual sessions can include anything from Bollywood dancing to deep-belly breathing techniques or learning how to craft the most amazing pumpkin latte. Our Extravaganza team is exceptional and will ensure that all events are put together perfectly. Schedule a demo with us to experience how a perpetual environment can benefit you in hosting awesome events.

How Can You Choose the Right Summer Event Idea?

Predicting your attendees’ preferences for a corporate summer event is difficult. Consider the following when planning your next summer event idea:

Determine the event’s main focus.

Do you want to give your employees a fun experience, celebrate a company milestone, or foster team building and engagement?

Evaluate the necessary resources for the event. 

Based on your chosen event idea or party idea, check the location, décor, catering services, event activities, etc., and consider the budget. For instance, organizing lavishly-themed events or gala dinners can be more expensive than movie screenings, beach parties, and charity events. 

Be mindful of attendees' availability. 

Some employees might have other corporate events or scheduled vacations, while others want to spend more time with their families. This makes choosing the right date and time for a summer event challenging. Try to pick a date that is suitable for the majority.

Check the location’s accessibility.

Ensure the venue for your event is accessible for all attendees in terms of distance and proximity to public transportation. You might need to choose a different event idea to encourage maximum participation or, if viable, host a hybrid event so remote employees can attend.


Incorporate summer party games to keep attendees entertained and engaged throughout the event. Games can act as icebreakers and foster interactions among team members. Some recommended summer event games include mini golf, obstacle courses, go-karting, paintball, etc. In the case of virtual or hybrid events, you can leverage 6Connex’s gamification features, including virtual scavenger hunts and photo booths, to boost audience engagement and participation.

Memorable Summer Events With 6Connex

Trying to come up with a list of your next corporate summer event ideas? 6Connex’s all-in-one virtual event platform can help you host your next summer event at any scale and drive event success. With networking and engagement tools, gamification, and sustainability practices, you can deliver a memorable event experience to your employees. 

Request your virtual event platform demo today and upgrade your corporate summer events with 6Connex!

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