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2 min read | October 19, 2021

Virtual Benefits Fairs: The New Solution for Open Enrollment E-Book

Educate Your Employees with an Interactive Online Platform Benefits fairs and similar events are a necessary part of your Human Resources operations. But many employers... Read More
3 min read | October 11, 2021

The 6Connex Playbook to Planning Your Virtual Event

Virtual and hybrid events have become an integral component of the corporate marketing mix. Gone are traditional boundaries, such as event size and location, which means... Read More
1 min read | September 30, 2021

New Vistas for Virtual Events: Infusing Innovation into Online Venues - White Paper

Corporate Interest in Adopting Virtual Event Capabilities Continues to Grow in 2021 But while market demand and interest in virtual events continue to grow, the truth is:... Read More
1 min read | September 21, 2021

E-Book: The Ultimate Sales Kickoff Playbook

It's Time to Take Your Sales Kickoff Online Sales kickoffs are critical to accomplish sales and marketing objectives. There are few things more important to a company's... Read More
1 min read | July 20, 2021

Checklist: 8 Things to Consider When Planning a Virtual Job Fair

An ever-growing number of recruiters and employers are shifting away from traditional hiring processes in favor of strategies that benefit their candidates and expand... Read More
3 min read | July 14, 2021

How to Design a Virtual Job Fair Program

Sourcing right-fit candidates is a daunting challenge, and many recruiters are feeling the pressure. In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted many business practices across the globe,... Read More
1 min read | April 6, 2021

Virtual Venues Are the New Era of Perpetual Engagement - White Paper

Leverage Key Insights On Virtual Venues For Your Events Strategy Read More

Introducing 6Connex

6Connex helps you make connections, exponentially lower your event investment and drive meaningful engagement with your audiences. Learn more about the 6Connex virtual... Read More
1 min read | April 1, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events

What does it take to create an impactful, engaging, and memorable hybrid event experience? Let our industry insiders teach you all you need to know with our latest... Read More

Engagement at 6Connex

6Connex: The Global Leader in Virtual Events 6Connex brings your audience together through a variety of engagement features. Learn more about engagement with... Read More
1 min read | June 16, 2020

Virtual & Hybrid Events: The Best Laid Plans Are Long-Term Plans

Why Virtual and Hybrid Events Are Here to Stay There’s no better time to rethink your long-term event strategy, and smart organizations will build an... Read More
1 min read | December 21, 2018

Virtual Sales Conference: Meet, Educate and Collaborate in An Instant

Nowhere else is the saying “time is money” truer than when you are dealing with sales teams.  With sales, time is literally used to gain money for your company, as... Read More


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