Virtual Sales Meetings & Virtual Trainings — Part 1, The Benefits

Over the next few blog posts, we’ll break down the pros and cons of virtual sales events and take a look at how your employees could be impacted so you can make the right decision for your sales team.

First, let’s look at some of the big advantages of virtual sales training:

You’ll save money.

This one is obvious but important. Travel expenses alone can send your sales training budget through the roof. A virtual sales kickoff can help you put the dollars towards content, not hotels.

Your staff stays in the field.

You want your salespeople where they can have the most impact on your business, and that’s in the field, where they are most accessible to prospects and customers.

You can include more employees.

When travel costs are out of the equation, you can include far more employees who touch the sales process and your customers, helping to ensure more consistent knowledge across teams and more consistent messaging to prospects and customers.

You’ll create more connections across and between teams.

By including more employees, you’ll be creating new opportunities for teams to connect, and the design of your virtual environment can include incentives for cross-team connection and learning.

You can connect the sales team with leaders and execs.

Not all salespeople get to chat directly with the executive team or sales leadership. A virtual sales meeting offers ways to give all your salespeople access and connection.

You’ll create more learning opportunities.

A virtual environment provides many ways to include training, like a virtual exhibit hall for product knowledge or a mentoring room for employee development. The possibilities are almost endless.

You’ll focus attendees more on content and less on socializing.

While virtual training programs can include fun elements, the goal is learning, and the visual layer of the virtual environment can help keep your team directed and focused.

You can encourage friendly competition.

Salespeople are competitive by nature Offering points and prizes for completing learning sessions or interacting with experts is a perfect way to help your team get the most out of the program. 

You’ll have content at the ready for new employees.

Virtual events offer the unique benefit of helping you create a content library that’s perfect for onboarding new members of your sales team. By recording keynotes and breakouts while populating the virtual environment with quality training materials, you’ll help new employees get up to speed quickly.

You can make it personal.

Much like having a theme at a physical event, virtual events offer the ability to use signage and backgrounds to motivate employees. Visual elements can also entertain and drive valuable learning activities with a bit of fun.

You’ll have metrics to track learning and ROI.

Unlike at a physical event, everything your teams do within a virtual environment can be tracked. You’ll have access to deep metrics in real time so you can understand employee engagement, assess learning, and inform future programs.

With all of these benefits, virtual sales kickoffs are truly creating a shift for many enterprise organizations. To learn more, connect with the 6Connex team, and we’ll show you what’s possible for your company.


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