Virtual Sales Kickoff Ideas and Themes

Sales teams that come together and collaborate in a creative environment are motivated to sell more, and are happy to do so. And thanks to technological advances and virtual software, the sky's the limit to gathering sales teams together, establishing a sense of connection, and creating a teamwork environment. Sales kickoff events are also the perfect time to recognize and celebrate past accomplishments.

Virtual sales kickoff events provide a hybrid event solution and offer so much more than in-person events could before. Why? Because logistics and venue restrictions are no longer part of the picture.

Growing in popularity are hybrid events where there is a mix of virtual attendees and onsite attendees that create engaging virtual meetings. Now, everyone can come to the party, so make it a party everyone will remember. The virtual event platform team at 6Connex understands how important a sales kickoff event is and has combined a list of virtual events ideas, sales kickoff ideas, and sales kickoff themes.

Our first suggestion is to get creative and think outside your usual event box. A hybrid event solution makes virtually anything possible. The more fun you bring to the party, the more inspired your sales team will be to get back in the field and sell! Take a look at some ideas to add to your sales kickoff agenda.


Sales Kickoff Ideas

Recruit a Celebrity Speaker

Virtual sales kickoff events are the perfect opportunity to get a celebrity guest speaker you always dreamed of. Today, it’s easier than ever to connect with keynote speakers from virtually anywhere in the world. The speaker could be a highly respected professional in your industry, an expert motivational speaker, or a highly regarded spokesperson who represents your company. 


Host a Virtual Happy Hour Mixer

Break the ice with a virtual happy hour mixer. Yes, a virtual event looks different from when a group of people enjoys cocktails together in person, but with some attention to detail, you can make it just as effective. Hire a comedian, magician, or a band to entertain the group.


Introduce Speed Networking

When the majority of the people at an event are strangers, speed networking is a perfect opportunity to get to know one other. Use break-out rooms and team up two or three people together. After five to ten minutes, ask everyone to return to the main meeting. Give everyone the opportunity to share something they learned about their colleagues.


Create a Friendly Competition

Think: Shark Tank, Guy's Grocery Games, or other popular competition, and use it to help the sales team get to know a new product. Your sales team is the perfect group to help you come up with ideas to sell new products. Break up groups into teams to create interactive content. Give them a limited amount of time to come up with a sales pitch. A panel of judges, possibly from the marketing or design team, selects the best pitch. Always award winners with something memorable like gift cards, company swag, or an award they can proudly hang in their office.


Organize Fun Teamwork Activities

Incorporate fun activities that include teamwork and interactive break-out sessions into your event. For example, use video conferencing to go on a virtual scavenger hunt, play virtual Bingo, or play current event trivia. These activities added to your hybrid events just as they do during in-person events, build strong relationships, reward ingenuity, and extend the life of your sales kickoff


Hold an Ask Me Anything Panel

Your sales team is your boots on the ground, dealing with customers each and every day. They have a wealth of information to share with less experienced colleagues in your organization. Organize an Ask Me Anything panel that consists of your top sales representatives. Their role is to answer questions from the audience. This interaction provides helpful insight into their success and how they achieved success. 


Pre-Record Video in Advance

Storytelling through video is an effective channel to inspire and educate in a virtual environment. Incorporate pre-recorded videos into the kickoff. Include customer testimonials, product launch information, sales incentives and other entertaining content to complement your virtual or hybrid event.


Sales Kickoff Themes

Everyone loves sales kickoff themes. They help break the ice, create a comfortable environment with certain expectations. Some people may consider a theme corny and unnecessary. In reality, a theme will help everyone set goals and expectations for the event while providing year-long inspiration. Select a theme that is timely and relevant, will improve corporate culture, and is engaging and memorable.

Some theme ideas that ignite a call to action include: 

    • Your company's motto or theme
    • Your company's name on fire
    • Get Fired Up!
    • All Systems Go!
    • Moving From Me to We
    • Share The Vision
    • Shaping Our Future
    • Don’t Stop Believing
    • Power Up
    • Together We Can
    • Ain’t No Stopping Us Now
    • Above and Beyond
    • All in this Together
    • Break New Ground
    • Discover The Future
    • Elevate
    • Empower
    • Touch Down
    • In It to Win It
    • Inspire
    • Get Switched On!
    • Building for the Future
    • Ignite And Win
    • Journey to the Top
    • Full Speed Ahead
    • Move Forward
    • Portraits of Success
    • Power Up
    • Raising the Bar
    • Rally Up
    • Reignite and Re-imagine
    • Shoot for the Stars
    • Think Big
    • Together Towards Tomorrow
    • Virtually Unstoppable

Sales kickoff events that combine virtual, in-person, and hybrid opportunities are the way to go in 2022. For more ideas, download The Ultimate Sales Kickoff Playbook, loaded with real life examples of sales kickoff events and so much more.


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