Deliver Great Webinars with Managed Services

Deliver great webinars without the juggling act.

Webinars and webcasts are the #1 marketing tactic at all stages of the sales funnel, and they are a critical tool for internal communications like town halls and training. Unfortunately, they aren’t always easy to execute, and most webinar platforms advocate self-service.


Doing it all yourself might sound like a great way to save money and have full control, but is the trade-off worth it? Let’s face it, unless you have a team whose full-time job is producing webinars, you could probably use a little help.


Managed webinars with 6Connex give you the help you want and the peace of mind you need. Not to mention features galore, 12 months on-demand access and one simple price — with no commitment required. Simply choose the webcast type (audio or video) and your expected audience. Then tell us a bit about your program. We’ll help you determine what features you need – then we’ll help you deliver a successful webinar.


Want to learn more? Download the datasheet for specific feature details.


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